Wednesday, October 24, 2012

PRO+ Therapy MD

Émergence Cell Rejuvenation Complex

PRO+Therapy MD introduces it's newest addition to their rapidly growing line of skincare products; Émergence Cell Rejuvenation Complex.  This innovative ani- aging serum contains ingredients like Phyto Cell Tech to support cellular turnover, and Vitasource to promote youthful acting cells that support collagen synthesis.  Using the Prosome Delivery System it provides 41% more Kinetin and 100% more Zeatin than other formulas on shelves today.  These elements help to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, improve skin's ability to maintain moisture (a challenge I often face with my own skin) and slow noticeable signs of aging. 

I began with applying one pump to my face and an additional one on my neck.  It had a watery consistency that spread easily and dried quickly.  Once fully absorbed, it left my skin feeling cool and soothed.  It was gentle and lightweight, and I liked that it is meant for all over application and not just around the eyes.  I followed it's application with a moisturizer, and have since noticed a difference.  It's effectiveness has definitely has helped my skin retain moisture and stay softer longer.  As a high quality product, the 1.0 fl oz bottle is meant to last up to 90 days and is fragrance free.  I'd reccommend it as a solid investment for women looking to rejuvenate and brighten their skin. 

Retail: $130.00
Available exclusively through physicians at

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  1. Cool:) I wouldn't mind trying this out. I'm always looking for the next big thing in beauty products. A little pricey but I guess that really depends on the use value you would get out of it. Thanks for sharing.


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