Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bangstyle Firm Hold Spray

A must have item, no matter the season is that reliable hairspray that will never fail to tame those pesky fly aways, and make those curls hold in place for dear life!  I recently began using Bangstyle Firm Hold Spray and while it may have been slightly too mild to weigh down my outrageously thick, frizzy locks, it's likely perfect for medium to fine hair.  It has a sweet, fresh powdery scent that is free of parabans, sulfates, sodium chloride, and even offers protection against UV rays. 

It comes in an 11.8 Fl oz size can and has a unique top. Rather then pushing down to release the spray, you pull back on it like a spray bottle.  

It has a lightweight formula that kept my hair soft, rather then hard and crunchy.   I noticed that when I applied it over my damp hair, my hair still dried natural looking, as opposed to that (icky) wet look.  As a curly haired girl I can't over wash my hair and sometimes have to settle for just rinsing it.  That can get frustrating if the product does not rinse out easily, but this Bangstyle not only rinsed out with ease, but I was able to brush it out as well.  I used it for over a month and it never dried out my hair or left it looking dull. 

I like this funky line of products with playfully, art inspired packaging, "Think of each spray as a billion tiny particles of hope.  We tried to include justice and peace but it just clogged the sprayer". (I couldn't help myself, I love it!)

Bangstyle also offers a super cool, convenient app for iPhone that lets you find everything from stylists and salons, to hair styles and even the latest industry happenings.  Check out it's info here and learn how to use it here .

Download Bangstyle App here for iPhone

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