Sunday, October 21, 2012

L'Oreal Paris Project Runway LTD Edition Collection

Voluminous Mascara

In keeping with my L'Oreal inspired addiction I realized my mascara stash was in dire need of replenishment.  So I headed out to CVS and picked up one of my all time favs; L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black.  I wanted to share this because this particular purchase turned out to be part of L'Oreal Paris's Project Runway Limited Edition Collection which is SO worth talking about! 

The mascara is as fabulous as ever with it's ability to stay clump free, lengthen lashes and volumize them to the max.  Carbon Black is my absolute must have colour every time I see it on the shelf.  It's intensity defines your lashes and commands attention whether you're wearing shadow and liner, or just the mascara by itself.  While the only difference is it's ode to Project Runway packaging, the limited edition "Colors Take Flight" collection actually includes a fun selection of shadows, polishes and lip colours.

After some research I learned this 2012 fall collection was inspired by the vibrant colors of exotic birds and is a compilation of hot, runway worthy palettes like Sultry Raven, The Charming Cockatoo and The Audacious Amazon.  While I didn't end up purchasing any because to be honest, it was slim pickings as most of the products had been snatched up, I still wanted to share the info with my fellow Lovelies.  I am not sure how long the edition is available but should you come across them in stock, best grab them while you can! 

Have you tried any of the palettes or any of the collection?  Which is your favorite so far?


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