Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color

Not being able to resist Sally Hansen's Magnetic Nail Color , I picked up the bottle of Red-y Response and before I knew it I was gawking at the pure magic it left at my finger tips.  This innovative line of polishes contains metallic particles that react when placed under the customized magnetic strip, and I couldn’t help but wonder “how did they do that??”

Using the polish was tricky at first but was easy to master.  Directions state to apply two coats with the second being THICK (the thicker the coat, the stronger the effect you will have).  The outside casing of the wand slips off which you later flip over to utilize the magnetic strip.  To get sarted you paint a thin layer of polish over each nail.  Then go back and paint a thick second coat and immediately hold the magnetic strip above the freshly painted nail for ten seconds.  You must do this one nail at a time because the polish needs to be fresh in order to react to the magnet.  In doing this the first time, I had a little trouble.  I’ve found that the trick is to hold your hand at eye level whie letting the magnet hover above the wet nail with your free hand.  Performing this at eye level is key beacause  it allows you to actually see where the magnet is hitting the polish.  This will  A.) Keep you from missing the edges or down by the cuticle and B.) Prevent the magnet from touching your nail and smudging the polish.  You will be able to see the polish ract to the magnet- it’s pretty cool- and it dries quickly. 
I had a blast with this polish and wouldn’t hesitate to try another shade.  This particular shade was more on the plum side then red, but the effect was incredibly unique and had a professional salon finish.  A totally fab way to add a little edge to your look for any season!

Retail: $8.99


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  1. That's just cool. I don't even paint my fingernails (only toes) but using a magnet like that is one of the most innovative things I've seen in the cosmetic industry in a long time. That really says something for an industry in constant "new and improved" mode.

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