Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Benefit's The Pore- fessional

Today's makeup application was going the same as every other day- except for the mysterious gem that tumbled out of my make up bag.  After recently trying a bottle from Benefit's Hello Flawless foundation collection (which I LOVED) a small sample of Benefit's the Pore fssional Pro Balm been included without my noticing.  

Imagine my surprise when I began applying it and watched my pores vanish before my eyes!  I was NOT expecting that (particularly so early in the morning) and it was certainly a "good morning" wake up to my overall look.  I have been tying relentlessly for months to minimize pores, with minimal success. 

After some research I found that this cream does not actually reduce their size, but covers well enough to reduce their appearance.  With an effective way to hide them (while I continue my quest for an effective minimizer) it makes tolerating them a little easier (and me a little less self conscious). 

More amazing was that this small sample was enough to fully cover the spots around my nose, eyes, and forehead, with still some left over.  That being said, I think it's safe to say a "little dab'll do ya" and this product will most likely last you a long time. 

It was extremely lightweight with a creamy but powder like texture to it and it wore so nicely throughout my day.  It didn't smudge off or fade, and my skin felt silky smooth in the areas I had applied it.  Even though I basically don't have enough left for more then tomorrow's application, I can honestly say I really like this product and would definitely recommend it. 

Retail: $30.00

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