Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pureology Control Twist High Liquid Wax

As my crush on Pureology gorws, I was thrilled when PR asked me to sample the line’s new Control Twist High Hold Liquid Wax .  The name alone had me curious.  Liquid wax? Hmm... I used about 2 pumps and began running it through my damp curls and quickly noticed that its lightweight texture left hardly any sticky residue.  The combination of vanilla, rose and mandarin orange gave it that same powder fresh scent as the Supreme Control Hair Spray. 

I began styling my hair and watched my curls become instantly defined, not to mention the HUGE reduction in frizz.  The mixture of olive and orange oils nourished and moisturized my hair, maintaining softness and making it easy to control.  Throughout the day my curls held their shape and stayed in place without needing a single touch up or spritz of hair spray.  I was utterly wowed by its glossy finish as the shine brought out my hair’s natural highlights (as opposed to that unattractive “wet look” left behind by gels).  I favored its ability to keep my hair soft and not weigh it down, while holding it firmly in place.  It’s as strong as a gel but maintains the qualities of a wax without sacrificing the effectiveness.

As part of Pureology’s Serious Colour Care line, it too contains the customized Strengthening Anti Fade Complex; a combination of Kravis protein to protect against breakage and full spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens to resist environmental stressors that keep your hair color looking brilliant!  It is a match made in heaven for newly lightened or “summer-ized” locks!! 
Retail: $24.00

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