Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Review: DermOrganic® Argan Oil Hair Care

Yet another amazing find from a past event.  Even though Argan Oil has been around the beauty scene for a while and has been incorporated into many products on the shelves, DermOrganic®  has become my latest go-to for the stuff.  I've been using their fabulous foursome of Daily Conditioning ShampooDaily Hydrating Conditioner, Intensive Hair Repair Masque and Leave- in Treatment for two months straight now and have squeezed each bottle down to the very last drop. 

Quick run down of my hair: curly and on the dry/coarse side.  And I'm feeling like I've finally found my holy grail of the hair care world.    I performed the traditional shampoo, condition routine, and then applied the masque. 

Together the shampoo and conditioner reduced my frizz and my tangles seemed to slip right out.  Their formulas are super lightweight, but still penetrate deep enough to help nourish.  I've had issues with product buildup in the past, but these rinse out pretty well. 
I fell in love with the masque almost immediately.  Aside from its effectiveness, its FAST.  You just apply to wet hair and leave in for a minute or two- then rinse!  I've tried many hair masques in the pasts and no matter how effective they are, I always have the same complaint: They take too long.  They always require you to wait ten minutes before rinsing out and maybe its because I shower faster then the norm, but I simply don't have the patience to stand around and wait.  Nor do I feel like getting out of the shower only to break my neck trying to my stick my head under the sink to rinse it out.  #Annoying.   But the Intensive Hair Repair Masque is quick and still left my hair silky smooth.  I applied it twice a week, paying close attention to my ends.  After about four uses I started to notice less split ends and my curls became easier to style.  Its a good thirst quencher for hair that endures a lot of heat styling.  

After towel drying my hair, I added a few drops of the Leave-in Treatment to sections of my scalp and my ends and let it dry naturally.  I loved this because once again, no rinsing necessary and the results were strong and noticeable.  It left such a healthy sheen that it actually made my subtle blond highlights more vivid... and the light fruity scent was a yummy bonus :)          
Each are rich with vitamin E and Omega-6, not to mention sulfate and gluten- free which are huge pluses.  I'd certainly recommend these for anyone with dull or dry hair, but would say they're beneficial for all types.  They're good for reviving tired hair as well as maintaining an already healthy appearance.

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