Monday, April 21, 2014

Beauty Box 5 April Box

It's that time again to dish on this month's Beauty Box 5 delights!  As part of the official review team, I receive some of the industry's finest products delivered straight to my door, and tell you lovelies all about them :)  If you're not already in the know, Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription and is pretty affordable. 
Each month has a theme and this month's "Shades of Beauty" box was heavily makeup based- which made yours truly all smiles :)
To kick off the list of goodies, I'll start with the non makeup items:
I was actually pretty happy to see a little container of Blum Natural All Purpose Cleasnsing Wipes because living in NYC, you can NEVER have enough of these.  They're infused with Aloe Vera so they don't dry out your skin and have a very faint citrus smell.  The nice thing is that they're all purpose so you can even keep them on hand by your computer or phone for a quick wipe down of your keys, or just slip them in your purse.    
Coincidentally, I've been bitten by the self tanner bug and was super excited to get my hands on Jergens Natural Glow .  I remember using Jergens years ago and was always a fan.  I loved the scent, and the gorgeous golden tan that slowly appeared after a few applications.  Always very natural and sun kissed looking.  This particular sample is for medium to tan skin tones so it is a bit dark for me, but no doubt it will look fab on others.     
The shadow palette of California Collections bh Cosmetics is perfect for Spring and Summer.  The colours include a vibrant purple to punch up your look, and (my favorites) a shimmery gold and medium brown with hints of gold tones.  The two compliment each other really nicely.
I think my favorite product this time around was the Nickak New York Hydro Lipstick in Daring which I paired with the Bonnebell Lip Definer in Baie.  For the record, I own countless red lipsticks and glosses, but this is the first one I've owned that has the perfect creamy texture and creates the perfect, dewy finish.  Rather then your typical glossy finish, this one left my lips with a sultry wet look and I l-o-v-e-d it.  It's a vivacious shade of red and thanks to the lip definer, it didn't run.  I also noticed it had a pleasant, fruity scent to it, and it was pretty long wearing.  Even though the texture is very silky, it didn't smudge off much.  Usually when I wear reds, I'm very aware of the smooch I leave behind on my coffee cups, but this one didn't do that. If I have the chance, I may pick up more in other shades.  A winner in my book!

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