Monday, August 22, 2016

Summer Eats

Hi dolls!  I mentioned earlier that I've been hopping around to new restaurants and noting the ones worth sharing.  As promised, here is a list of my latest taste sessions!
Last weekend a friend and I headed back out to Long Beach to start savoring these final days in the sun and enjoy more good ol' summertime eats.
We stopped for lunch at the local Bar and Grill where I ordered a tasty buffalo chicken wrap and sweet potato fries! 
No summer lunch is complete without a cocktail and this time I paired it with a yummy
Piña colada!
On the walk back to the beach, we stopped to indulge in a delicious Italian Ice from Gino's.  I ordered the Vanilla Chip, which was SO good, and only $1.50!!

On a whim, a friend and I headed over to Jora in Long Island City Queens for some authentic Peruvian cuisine.
I ordered the Arroz con Mariscos which is a Peruvian seafood style paella, and I HIGHLY recommend it to any seafood lover.  It's the perfect size portion and has everything from shrimp and calamari to octopus and muscles. 

We ended the meal with a scoop of Helado de Lucuma, described as a homemade tropical fruit ice cream.  It is almond praline flavor so I'm not sure how it's considered tropical, but either way it was delicious!!  Between the relaxing ambiance and great tasting food, it's definitely a spot you want to hit if you're in the area.         
For those who aren't familiar with it, NYC restaurant week just recently ended.  It's one of my favorite parts of living in the city because it lets you experience high end restaurants without breaking the bank.  Each restaurant creates a customized fixed menu at a lower rate that usually they include a 3 course meal, making it easier and more affordable for you to indulge.
Located on 58th Street, Le Cirque is a widely popular French restaurant, known to many celebs like Robert De Niro.  So when my friend and I saw they were participating, we made our reservation ASAP.
Fusilli Pasta
Aubergine Parmigiana.

Le Cirque Crème brûlée
Next stop was Mr. Chow, the famous Chinese restaurant which I heard from many people was amazing, and I was dying to try it.

The restaurant's homemade noodles and spicy sauce, which are a must have if you ever decide to go.  
This restaurant took a slightly different approach and designed it so that your party could share and experience several different dishes.  My friend and I ordered the shrimp and velvet chicken, which came with specialty rice and string beans.

Dessert was two scoops of mouth watering sorbet.  A fine way to end a delicious meal! 
Have you been to any of these restaurants?  How was your experience?  Are you interested in trying any of them?





Saturday, August 13, 2016

New Release: Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pure

In June I attended the launch party for Issey Miyake's latest fragrance L’Eau d’Issey Pure, which was released last month.  Guests experienced the fragrance first hand, as well as enjoyed a themed rooftop reception and live dance performance. 
The scent is a modernized version of its 1992 predecessor whose theme was the scent of water on a woman's skin.  
Described as "transparent and yet deep; fluid and yet enveloping... filled with contrasts", Pure is a reflection of Issey Miyake's rekindled love of a nature that is revived by water.  It is a sensual fragrance with bursts of freshness and delicious florals which, I love.
Incarnated by the salty sea breeze of Maritima* combined with Ambergris, L’Eau d’Issey Pure derives from a new aquatic story. Maritima*, an exclusive IFF molecule, evokes cool clear waters, while Ambergris, with its mineral and animal inflections, brings sensuality and breadth to the fragrance. A floral bouquet sparkles, as if floating on a wide expanse of sea. Crystalline Lily-of the-Valley responds to the brightness of Orange Blossom. Plunge into their delicate white trail.

Then come other, denser flowers. Essence of Rose Damascena once again imbibed with the morning dew from when it was picked, brings with it opulent Jasmine in a heady explosion of petals. The ocean crossing continues. In the base notes, the call of Cashmeran* rings out, with musky and woody resonance. Pure and powerful, L’Eau d’Issey Pure reaches far-off shores at the touch of a single drop.
The packaging:
At first glance the bottle appears the same as the brand's signature conical glass bottle, but upon closer look you notice a subtle twist in its design.  The crystalline ball that typically sits atop all of Issey Miyake fragrance bottles has moved to the bottom, creating a softer, more elegant look aimed at capturing the essence of the water's purity. 
"L’Eau d’Issey is what all other perfumes are not. L’Eau d’Issey evokes the genuine simplicity and purity that exist around this idea of water. For L’Eau d’Issey Pure I believe we have captured the most basic image of water, a droplet. The droplet symbolises the fragrance and becomes the bottle." - Todd Bracher

Shots from the amazing dance performance choreographed by 2015 Bessie Award winning Melissa Toogood and ensemble.

Afterward, guests stepped outside to enjoy the view and sip on specialty cocktail "Golden Jasmine".   
 Overall, it was really a fun evening, and the scent is perfect for the season.  It's breezy and sweet, and definitely one of my favorites from the brand.   
Available: Fine retail stores nationwide
Retail: 3.0 oz Eau de Parfum spray $108.00
1.6 oz Eau de Parfum spray $88.00

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Summer Eats

Summer is my favorite time to splurge at new restaurants because the weather is warm and it's fun to sit outside with a tasty cocktail and enjoy a new dish!  I've been out and about so much lately that I thought it would be fun to start a summer eats series and in case anyone was looking for recommendations.  Scroll down to check them out!
Dish: Classic Burger with Fries
Drink: Red Sangria
Delicatessen is advertised as an "upscale take on American comfort food" and this tasty dish definitely hit the spot!
I had been dying to check out New Leaf Restaurant since I heard about it.  It's part of the Met Cloisters so a friend and I planned a day of sightseeing and headed uptown!    
After leaving the Cloisters, we had to walk quite a bit to get there, but the sights along the way were totally worth it.    
Along the way we passed through one of the Cloisters' magnificent gardens, which was bursting with gorgeous flowers in full bloom.  
Ok, this wasn't part of the attraction, but we did see him on the way and he was too cute not to snap a pic!

Once we arrived at the restaurant, we were greeted by a beautiful stone arch way.  We ate in the outdoor section of the restaurant which was quite peaceful and lovely.   
Drink: White Peach Sangria 
Dish: Chocolate Mousse
 We ordered buffalo wings and fries which were both very good, but the stars were indeed the cocktails and dessert!  Check out the menu here.

Dish: Bang Bang Chicken Shrimp
I was passing by Thai hot spot Spice , and since I've never been, decided to pop in.  I love chicken and seafood, so of course the Bang Bang Chicken and Shrimp called out to me.  Two pieces of shrimp tempura, atop two pieces of chicken breast, atop a mountain of jasmine rice, in a sea of red curry peanut sauce and veggies.  This was incredible and the sauce was my favorite hands down.  Very rich and spicy.  They gave a hearty portion too and I had trouble finishing it in one sitting.  


Dish: Smokehouse Burger
Long Beach Island (LBI) is my choice beach, and the food out there is pretty awesome.  I know it looks like I eat a lot of burgers (I do), but this time I couldn't help it!  After a day in the sun, I wanted something that screamed summer and this Smoke House Burger paired with a breezy cocktail from Sutton Place had my name all over them.  The chipotle BBQ sauce had me totally salivating.  This too was a very satisfying portion, which was fine because if you're like me, you'll just head back to the beach and swim it off! 
Zia Maria is a family owned restaurant and pizzeria that recently opened in Chelsea.  It offers authentic, homemade Italian food and luckily, I was in the area during it's grand opening! 
Unfortunately, I can't recall the names of these two dishes, nor see them online, but they were both delicious.  The first was mozzarella and tomatoes, and dessert was a type of chocolate/ strawberry sorbet with a hard chocolate shell.  SO good!  You can check out the menu here.    
  Is there a special place you recommend?  Let me know if there's a place you would like me to check out!
 Stay tuned for some more summer eats!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Beauty Box 5 July Reveal

Hello dolls!  For those of you not yet familiar with BeautyBox5 it is a monthly subscription that selects five beauty industry favorites and delivers them straight to your door.  There are various subscription options to chose from, but my lucky self receives a complimentary box each month in exchange for sharing each month's goodies with all of you lovelies :)
This month's "Will Break for Makeup" theme is all about being road trip ready and doin' it in style!
BeautyBox 5's own Round Blending Brush
Retail: $10.00
This is advertised as ideal for buffing out eye shadow and sweeping on glowing highlighters for the summer months.  It's perfect to have on hand for speedy touch ups!
Skinny Tan Mini Mitt
Retail: $4.95
SO clever!  Finally, a great way to keep your hands nice and clean while trying to apply self tanner to your face.  Slip this tiny mitt on about two fingers and get easy control for even coverage.  
Sweep Rose Gold Tweezers
Retail: 14.00
I have several sets of tweezers, but these are by far the prettiest :)  Who wouldn't want a pair in rose gold?  Plus, this pair from Sweep comes with a slanted tip which is considered ideal for plucking both brow and chin hairs.  
Chella Tantalizing Taupe Eyebrow Color Pencil
Retail: 18.00
I love this pencil because the tip is so thin it's so easy to control.  It's good for the times you're in a rush, because it eliminates the need for clean up along the edges.  I was able create crisp, neat looking lines
 Hikari Cosmetics Eye Shadow
Retail: $13.00
I'm in love with this color, it's one that I would probably wear daily... if the compact hadn't broke en transit :(  Unfortunately all I have to work with is a pile of crushed powder, but from that pile of powder I can tell you it is heavily pigmented with a rich, creamy texture.  It's advertised as buildable so you can create your desired intensity.  It seems like pretty good quality for a reasonable price.
Overall I liked this month's box a lot!  Everything is pretty functional and all the products were full sized.       
Do you have any beauty subscriptions?  Are you interested in BB5?



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