Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cadiveu Professional: Detox Treatment

 Last month I attended a special event for Cadiveu Professional , a Brazilian hair brand, where I was able to experience one of two new treatments: Plastica dos Fios or the Detox cleanse. Plastica dos Fios is described as a thermo- reconstructing process for all hair types that makes hair smooth, straight, radiant and frizz free for up to 3 months. The Detox cleanse is designed to cleanse the scalp and rid it of impurities and build up, while also helping to rejuvenate and revive dull hair. 
Even though I'm no stranger to frizz, I chose to try the Detox treatment.  I apply so much product to my scalp daily that I'm always worried about buildup dulling the color, and thought this sounded like a great remedy. 
My treatment and finished look was done by the fabulous Brazilian hair and makeup artist Igor Santos.  Throughout the process, I kept oohing and ahhing over how good the products smelled.  At one point I felt a cooling, tingling sensation on my scalp that was really invigorating.  
Before treatment
After treatment

 After the treatment was over and my hair was blown out, the difference was huge.  My scalp felt like a weight had been lifted off of it and when I ran my fingers through my roots, the movement was so easy and free.  It left my hair super soft and full of incredible body.   
Detox Treatment include:
1.) Detox Hair Protein- Pre Shampoo- Protects hair from the astringent action of the shampoo.  Intensely nourishes the fiber, leaving no residue
2.) Detox Green Juice- Detoxifies the scalp, eliminating oiliness and flaking.  Tones and stimulates growth of healthy hair.
3.) Detox Multi- Nutrients- Promotes deep nutrition to the hair bulb.  Reinforces the DNA, making hair stronger and resistant to breakage.
4.) Detox Shampoo- Eliminates oiliness and flaking of the scalp.  Promotes cell renewal, strengthening and brings shine to the hair.
5.) Detox Conditioner- Ensures nutrition and increased softness to the hair, without weighing it down.  Makes the hair stronger and resistant.
Overall, it was really effective for me and I would definitely recommend it to anyone whose hair needs a pick me up.  The results are instant and they're not only visible, but you can actually feel the extreme improvement on your scalp.

Plastica dos Fios (Hair Plastic Surgery)
Products include:
1.) Pre- Reconstruction Shampoo
2.) Thermal Hair Reconstruction
3.) Sealing Mask

Are you planning to try a special treatment to prep your hair for summer?  Are you interested in either of these new treatments?

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Wedding Salon Hosts Premier Luxury Bridal Event

While beautiful and joyous, planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful.  Wedding Salon is the nation’s #1 premier luxury bridal show, and connects brides with the top names in bridal in five markets across the country.  I had the opportunity to attend the opulent event held Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City and get an up close look at the all fabulous vendors ready for this years bridal season.  

Immediately guests were greeted by a romantic canopy produced by Décor Galore and strolling table by Athena Entertainment.  It was impossible not to admire the array of gorgeous gowns from designers like Jenny Yoo, Yumi Katsura, Glamour Closet, M&J Bridal Salon, Book a Taylor and Steed & Wall.

I browsed row after row of breathtaking center pieces and table settings from event stylers Décor Galore, and artfully designed wedding cakes and menus from Tuthill House House at the Mill.


 The highlight of the show is the reveal of the biggest wedding trends, and gives insight into what we should expect to see for the 2015 season:

1. Headpieces Instead of Veils: Top designers, including M&J Bridal and House of Trends, featured glamorous headpieces rather than traditional veils. Head pieces have increased in popularity as brides feel that a lavish head piece is really only suitable for a special day such as a wedding.

2. Earthy Tones: Wedding Salon vendors including Big Dawg featured the Garden Style Farm Tables that have become popular all over America. Having originated in the South West, New York City put its spin on this style with vintage china, chandeliers, soft romantic flowers, and candles.

3. Men & the Wedding Planning Process:  In 2015 men are getting more involved in wedding planning. As the tradition of parents paying for weddings fades, men have become more involved in the planning process as they are footing more of the bill. This has resulted in a growing pale blue and navy blue accent trend.

4. Location of the Destination Wedding: Destination Weddings are expanding to include both “local destinations” as well as “travel destinations”. Local destination weddings take place at beautiful resorts just a drive away from home, providing couples with venues for their large weekend weddings.  Couples with smaller destination weddings are flocking to the Caribbean and tropical resorts as they hop on a flight with their closest friends and family.

Before leaving, I was treated to an AWESOME swag bag filled with various bridal essentials from: Essie Nail Polish, Gold Ink Tatoos , Acure Organic Skin Care, merArmore Sample Suite, Essence Lip Liner, Inova Professional Hair Care Sample Suite, Kenra Hair Spray, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar and more!

Are you or any of your friends planning a wedding?  Are you or your friends interested in attending the Wedding Salon Bridal Show?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Review: Jessica Robertson Facial Bronzing Powder

The creators of Podz and Dr. Sun RX have teamed up with Duck Dynasty's own Jessica Robertson to launch a series of nourishing beauty products that will help achieve that luminous look we all obsess over. 
Retail: $20.00
I like this bronzer a lot.  I prefer to keep my look more natural looking and the Jessica Robertson Facial Bronzing Powder is perfect because it's visible but subtle.  My skin is on the fair side so sometimes bronzers can be a bit harsh and appear more like dirt against my complexion.  Advertised as "tinted powder that gives sheer, natural-looking color while being skin- conditioning providing a smooth, never splotchy application" I'd say it is exactly that.  It has a buildable formula so it works for various skin types and I found it to blend really easily.  Another aspect I loved was that the shimmer effect was SO subtle.  There was just enough to catch the light and add a soft, believable glow.  I can't stand it when I'm nearly blinded by the shimmers in a bronzer.  I get so nervous applying those kind because even half a dab too much will make my head look like it belongs on a shelf at the MOMA.
Overall, we love this!  It has the added bonus of prolonging your tan and also contains a nice moisturizing formula.  Whether it's summer or not, I can see myself using this year round for contouring or achieving that healthy glow. 
Available at:
Also available at local tanning salons

Have you tried this bronzer or any of the other Jessica Robertson collections? 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

FreeBeautyEvents: May Giveaway

My love affair with continues!  You've heard me rave about them being an awesome beauty resource and a great way to snag some killer free samples.  Each month the site gives away an amazing bundle full of beauty goodies, and this month's looks exceptionally awesome...

Was I wrong?? It includes some mouth watering deelies from Revlon, CoverGirl, NYX, St. Ives, Olay and more! The Contest runs from now through 5/31/15, winners will be chosen on 6/5/2015 and notified by 6/15/2015. To enter, just visit them on Facebook (don't forget to like them! :) or enter directly on their website.     

Besides the monthly giveaways, the site also offers great beauty advice and product reviews on their blog.  Like any of the products you read about?  Keep your eyes open for your chance to stock up!  Easy as 1-2-3, just enter your zip code into the site's search bar to find out which locations in your area might be handing out samples.  It's a helpful way to keep up to date with the beauty events happening in your town.      
Get more on :

Saturday, May 2, 2015

2015 Summer Fragrances: Issey Miyake & Jean Paul Gaultier

L’Eau d’Issey Summer Limited Edition Eau de Toilette 
Retail: $76.00 3.3 fl oz.
Summer fragrances are my absolute favorite.  The sweet scent of a breezy, fruity floral takes but seconds to cast an addictive spell over this girl.    
Launched yesterday, Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Summer Eau de Toilette has a cheerful and feminine feel, drawing on the tangy notes of pink grapefruit and lychee.  A lively freshness combines with sparkling accents in the middle notes with passion fruit and guava.  To give a feminine touch, very subtle aquatic floral notes soften the overall fragrance before blending with the roundness of the woods and the vanilla infusion. 
This has all the makings of a beautifully, sophisticated scent that is reminiscent of exotic beaches and summertime escapes.  It has a mature, lux feel to it, which makes me envision one wearing it to luxurious yacht parties on the water.  But at the same time, it's airy and wears lightly enough to be perfect for a morning brunch with friends in Central Park.  It is dominated by the citrus notes so the floral sweetness is only a suggestion and not overly evident.  For those that prefer subtle sweetness, this is ideal.  I'd recommend it to anyone seeking a functional summer fragrance that is long wearing and classy. 

Retail: $71.00 3.3 fl oz.  
Newly launched, Classique Summer by Jean Paul Gaultier Parfumes  is a gorgeous fragrance and I've worn it practically everyday since I opened it. 
Inspired by a print from Jean Paul Gaultier's 2013 Spring- Summer Haute Couture show, wild animals, Hindi dancers and gods and goddesses mix together in a palette of warm tones and lush foliage- joyful chaos brimming with surprises.  A majestic panther painted in a swirl of pink and gold tones, gracefully blends into the feminine curves of the classic torso shaped bottle.
Top notes: Rose flirts with orange blossom, showered with Sicilian Clementine zest. 
Middle notes: Sambac jasmine, ylang- ylang, woody lily of the valley and white iris compose a bouquet of pure flowers. 
Base notes blend absolutes of vanilla, fresh musk and vegetal amber. 
This is the most addicting scent I've tried in a long time. After spritzing it on, I was transported through each and every layer of notes.  I was able to clearly detect certain notes and it was an amazingly beautiful experience.  It is quite sharp at first with a blast of the clementine zest, then it softens into the freshness of jasmine with a woodsy twist, ultimately settling into a beautiful musky mix where both the vanilla and amber are very evident. It isn't long before it relaxes into a sweet, powder-like aroma that isn't overpowering and leaves you wanting more.  It's appropriate for day or night, and I can easily see myself finishing the bottle by the end of the season.
Both fragrances are available at fine retail stores.
Have you discovered your go-to scent for this summer?  
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