Saturday, November 15, 2014

Review: Carmex Lip Balm

Carmex lip balm has single handedly turned my world upside down.  I've never tried Carmex until now, and now that I have, I don't know how I ever got along without it.  I've raved about other balms in the past, but Carmex has me questioning all of them.  
My lips always feel dry and I go through lip balms like tissues, no matter what season it is.  I don't attribute the dryness to anything in particular, I think my lips are just extremely sensitive.  Ironically, my biggest complaint isn't that dry, uncomfortable feeling.  I have plenty of balms that soothe it away.  My biggest issue is the unattractive, flaky appearance that even exfoliators can't seem to get rid of.  The worst is when I have to pass on fabulous matte lipsticks because they make it impossible to hide dry, patchy lips.       
Enter Carmex.  
Carmex sells in different forms: jars, tubes, and sticks, and when PR offered me a few samples to try, I was totally game.   
I started with the tube first and applied it before bed.  By the next morning I was heading off to work in my favorite matte, pink lipstick.  Crazy right?  The overnight transformation was incredible.  Not a single dry patch to be found.  Being that Carmex did in one night what many other balms haven't be able to do period, I was pretty shocked.         
.  Carmex has been around for over 75 years and the difference seems to be that Carmex actually heals, rather then just temporarily alleviates.  Both the jar and tube contain the "original" formula designed to relieve cold sores, as well as chapped lips. The two main ingredients are menthol and camphor, so naturally it created a cooling sensation on my lips.  The formula was nice and smooth and I was able to slick it on under any lipstick without it looking glossy, even though it's on the oilier side.  It's lightweight and I noticed it absorbed well because I wasn't reapplying ten times a day.  The scent isn't anything glamorous.  It's your standard mint aroma, but this makes it a good unisex option.  Great for both men and women.    
  I was excited to try the Strawberry flavor and realized Carmex sticks are unique.  They make a faint clicking noise as you turn the bottom knob to raise the balm up or down. I half expected the Strawberry to have the same menthol aroma as the jar, but its scent was actually sweet and very true to the advertised flavor. The formula was a bit different though, presumably because it was in stick form.  It felt creamier and thicker, but still had the same comforting, cooling sensation after application and was very moisturizing.  Designed for summer, it contains Broad Spectrum SPF 15, Sunscreen and is water resistant, but it's so effective that I would recommend it for use all year round.

The Pomegranate flavor is the latest and aside from the yummy new scent, it debuts Carmex's new "ultra smooth" formula and nine moisturizers.  The second I applied it I could feel a difference.  It was as if the formula melted as soon as it met the heat from my lips, and turned to pure silk.  It went on smoother then any lip product I own.  The scent is gorgeous, like all pomegranate products. I licked my lips to get a taste of the "sweet-tart-flavor", which wasn't bad or good.  It didn't taste like anything at first but had a slightly bitter after taste.

 Ultimately, I think Carmex is the be all end all to the balms in my collection.  I've stashed it in my purse, night stand, the office and make up bag so that I'll never be without it.  I even retired all my old balms to an "emergency" stash for when I run out, whose soul purpose will be only to hold me over until I buy more Carmex! 

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 Have you tried Carmex?  Were you as impressed with your experience as I was?  


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  1. Carmex is hands down my favorite lip balm. I've only tried the original, but now I'm thinking I need to try the strawberry!


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