Monday, November 10, 2014

New Launch: Xen Tan Ins-TAN-taneous

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the Xen Tan launch event was the gloriously tropical aroma.  That couldn't possibly be the tanner I wondered.. could it?  It totally was. 
Xen Tan Premium Sunless Tan products are popularly known for their heavenly scents.  Of the several I sampled, I could not detect even a trace of DHA.  They're designed to have a more olive undertone and utilize innovative ingredients like odor erasers and a time release complex to make them feel more like luxurious body creams then tanners.  
Xen Tan Ins-TAN-taneous
Retail: $38.00
Xen Tan's newest launch; Ins-TAN-taneous is truly one of a kind.  It applies in 60 seconds and sets 60 seconds later.  The formula is transfer- resistant and contains Xen Tan's trademark tropical scent with no processing odors.     
 Immediately after I unscrewed its top, I breathed in scents of sweet vanilla and coconut (while the seal was still on!).  I prepped the inside of my arm with a gentle exfoliator and got ready to do a test patch. 
Application was pretty standard.  Directions stated to rinse and then air dry the applicator mit before first use, (but I skipped that).  I was using the lotion for Med/Dark skin tones so the coloring guide was quite dark.  Typically, I would have been a bit timid with the application but a light layer of Ins-TAN-taneous is designed to appear "soft" so I went with it.  
I applied a small amount to the mit and gently swiped it over my skin like directed...      
 Ta-da!  A beautifully bronzed inner arm.  I have to admit it dried very quickly, and without any streaks.  It was dry to the touch after a minute or so, but to be sure I still waited another minute.  Dry as a bone.  Imagine that, completely dry in less then 2 minutes flat? 
I liked this application method better then other tanners.  Here, I was able to simply swipe the formula over my arm, rather then sit there rubbing it in using small circular motions.  This was much faster and as you can see, it's pretty even.  The contrast is more evident up by my wrist.  Surprisingly, I was pleased with the color.  I would still recommend purchasing the shade intended for your skin tone (mine is light), but I feel comfortable using a thin layer of this over my whole body.  On my skin it appeared a bit more bronzy then sun kissed (which is ideal for creating a sliming effect ;) 
I gave it the transfer test by rubbing my arm against an old white t-shirt and was impressed to see no residue on the shirt.  This was my first experience with Xen Tan and I'm not usually this impressed with tanners on the first try.  It is a luxury brand so the price point is somewhat high, but if you're a tanning addict, this is certainly my recommended investment.    
 Have you tried Xen Tan products?  Which one and what did you think?


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