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Holiday Gift Idea: Jack Black Skincare for Men

 A lot of guys pay attention to their skin.  Some even have a few go to products of their own.  But let's face it, guys usually prefer the straight forward, fast working products that only require about 90 seconds of their time.  Or else the product sits there and expires before the next time he bothers to look at it. 
 Jack Black skincare products are to the point, effective, and a smart place to start if you're seeking gift ideas for the man on you list this holiday season. 
Double-Duty Face Moisturizer with SPF 20
Retail: $27.00
 Men's Health Award Winner 2006 - Best Facial Moisturizer
Jack Black's award winning  Double Duty Face Moisturizer with SPF 20 is awesome.  The formula is exceptionally lightweight and soothing.  I was really surprised at how fast it dried, and I think it might actually be the lightest formula I've ever tested.  I tried it on my hand and within seconds it had absorbed and dried totally matte.  There was no greasy feel or oily residue whatsoever.  A calming follow up treatment to the skin after shaving. 
 It contains SPF 20 and protects against UVA and UVB rays which is good, especially for the colder months.  Once winter rolls around, we tend to forget about protecting our skin and the fact is, our skin is constantly exposed to the sun's rays and this will help shield it.  The scent is light, but very masculine.  Very much like crisp aftershave.  (If it wasn't for its scent, I'd consider using it on myself!) 
Ingredients/ Benefits:
(As stated by Jack Black)  
  • Advanced moisturizing complex locks moisture into the skin and forms a protective barrier to retain moisture. 
  • Blue algae extract, a rich source of vitamin E, helps keep skin supple and reduce inflammation and redness. 
  •  Sea parsley, a potent anti-irritant, contains a combination of naturally occurring vitamins (A & C) and minerals which work together to improve skin appearance.
  • Certified Organic Edelweiss and Plantago Leaf Extracts act as antioxidants and help enhance collagen synthesis.
  • Phospholipids bind moisture to the skin and support the natural skin barrier.
  • UVA and UVB absorbers (including Parsol 1789) block damaging rays and protect the skin from sun damage.

Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser
Retail: $18.00
Men's Health Award 2007 - Runner-Up Best Facial Cleanser
Jack Black's Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser is a dual purpose face wash and toner in one that removes dirt and preps the skin for a close, clean shave.  Ideal for any guy who wants to cater to his skin, but isn't interested in spending hours doing it.  I've found JB has mastered the art of a lightweight formula because this too felt mild and gentle when I tried it on my hand. It gets a good lather going with just a few drops, but it isn't overly sudsy.  The scent is very similar to the moisturizer but fades quickly.  I love that it has the built in toner because it creates a great new habit and gives incentive to guys not currently using toners.    
(As stated by Jack Black)
  • Oat and coconut derived, sulfate- free surfactants gently but effectively cleanse the skin.
  • Witch Hazel acts as a natural astringent with soothing properties.
  • Certified Organic Sage Leaf and Rosemary provide antibacterial and healing benefits.
  • Certified Organic Chamomile and Aloe Leaf help soothe and reduce redness.
Jack Black Balm Squad®
Retail: $19.50( $21 value)
  .25 oz. tubes
One product every guy always needs is chap stick or lip balm.  This holiday season, the Jack Black Balm Squad® Lip Trio includes two brand new, limited edition mint flavors, Mint & Mandarin and Mint & Vanilla, (which smell so good I could eat them) along with the award-winning classic, Natural Mint & Shea Butter. This limited edition three-pack includes the same broad-spectrum SPF 25, protection against windburn and extreme temperatures, and moisturizing ingredients as the original balms.

Shop it at: 
Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, ULTA, Dillards, Von Maur, Macy’s and Bluemercury

Have you started your holiday shopping?  Are you considering Jack Black products for someone on your list?

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