Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Violet Files: Julie Delpy

Exclusively from  VIOLET GREY , the latest addition to The Violet Files, features an inside look at actress and writer Julie Delpy's own personal beauty routine.

For some women, getting ready for a night out is less of a routine than a sacred ritual. (A specific playlist must be queued up. Fragrance always has to be applied last.) This is not the case for Julie Delpy. “I’m more joking and playing around,” confesses the Paris-born, Los Angeles-based actress/writer. “After all, it is putting on a dress and makeup, you know? It’s good to do it well but it’s also good to not obsess over it.”

“I’ve been faster [at getting ready] than any of my boyfriends. Even the least vain ones.” – Julie Delpy
“[When] I started in France, things were much more low-key. You could call Dior or anyone and they would lend you a dress. Now if a dress has been worn you can’t wear it again. I personally don’t care if I wear the dress that 10 people have worn already. I’d be happy to.” – Julie Delpy
Read the rest of Julie's secrets here!

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