Thursday, May 22, 2014


It's always fun when you come across a new brand to love.  I started using ARTDECO  after discovering it at the last beautypress Spotlight Day event here in NYC and have been hooked ever since.
ARTDECO is Germany's number one makeup brand in perfumeries, beauty salons and select department stores, is present in Europe and all over the world.  It's is known for its focus on what women truly want and turn that into amazing quality products at affordable prices.   
Usually when I hear a brand reference their products to "affordable luxury" I get a little skeptical.  But I have to admit that every ARTDECO product I tried, genuinely impressed me.    

First up: The Eyeshadow Base (or primer).  The texture of this base is like to no other I've tried.  Its very creamy and goes on like silk.  The nice part is that it is so smooth and luxe that it just glides right on.  I've found other primers go on a little thick or are hard to spread over my lid until the heat from my finger warms them up.  This one is already soft and easy to apply.  Its lightweight and does a good job of keeping the shadow from creasing and wearing off.  It also contains vitamin E which is a great bonus.     

Their eyeshdows may be some of the most unique I've seen.  The colours are sold individually to let you create your own palette.  Many of us (myself included) will by a quad and end up using only two or three out of the four colurs, while the last shade just sits there wasting space. After you pick the colours you want, each fit snugly into the compact and are held in place by a magnet.  This got me curious so I tossed the little guy in my purse and took it for a spin.  After several hours of tumbling around in my purse, I am happy to report they all made it home safely.  No chipping, crumbling etc.- trauma free!    


The color payoff on these was amazing, with virtually no fall out.  Blending was easy because they  had a velvet like feel to them and went on pretty smoothly.  They're long lasting, even coverage- overall perfection.            
The final product I tried was the Hot Chili Lip Booster .  This is to plump up those lips for a real juicy pucker! 
Description: The red pepper extract makes them rosy and voluminous. Small glitter particles reflect the light and make the lips appear even more voluminous. The gloss supplies intensive shine and prevents the lips from adhering or dehydrating.
Personally, I've never been one to go nuts over plumpers, but I like this one.  The scent is super yummy (if you like cinnamon) and it isn't sticky.  I advise being careful if applying over dry or sensitive lips.  Mine lips are ultra sensitive so its tingling sensation stung a little at first, but it subsided after a few minutes.  Its colorless so all it adds it a subtle shimmer and glossy sheen.  Its ideal for pairing with intense or dramatic eye makeup.  Perfect for when you want to down play your lips, but still make them stand out.   
Overall, I've become a fan and am looking forward to checking out their latest Jungle Fever Collection.  The bronzed themed collection is bursting with exotic colurs and shimmers that I totally intend to rock this summer.
Have you ever tried ARTDECO?  Are you interested? 
*Please note I could not find any price listings but will post once I do* 

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