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Review: Firm Me Up Anti-Cellulite Crème by Up Beauty

I was contacted by PR for the chance to work with a complimentary sample of a product that's gotten some serious buzz through the months.  Leslie Laxer is the founder of Up, Inc. and creator of the NEW Firm Me Up Anti-Cellulite Crème by Up Beauty  Solution Based Skincare, addressing the most difficult to solve skin and body concerns in both men and women.  .  
Firm Me Up Anti-Cellulite Crème  is designed to help transform stubborn, bumpy cellulite into skin that looks and feels smoother, younger and more refined. Its unique delivery system allows state-of-the-art ingredients to penetrate skin more effectively and may boost micro-circulation for better results over time.
"You just need to apply Firm Me Up Anti-Cellulite Crème 2x daily as part of your beauty regime," Laxer explains. "You don't want wrinkles, you use anti-aging moisturizer. You don't want cellulite use an anti-cellulite crème. It's doable." - Leslie Laxer.


My Experience: 
As a twenty something, cellulite isn't really something I think too much about, and to be perfectly honest, I wasn't even sure I had it.  I had googled images and spent time trying to evaluate whether or not this was something I could benefit from, and as it turns out, it totally was.  My first go at an anti- cellulite crème was an effective one.  The directions are simple enough: apply to the area twice a day (ideally after showering).  I applied it religiously every evening after showering, (but have to be honest about missing a few morning time applications).
It took me several tries to figure out the correct application amount for me.  It describes a "warming sensation" that sets in after application, and feels more intense after showering because the skin is moist.  I must stress: A little goes a LONG way.  Please don't over use because as I found out, its "warming sensation" will quickly turn into a burning one and my buns were not too pleased with me.  My skin wasn't hot to the touch, but there was certainly some action happening underneath it.
The first thing I noticed was the touchable smoothness.  My thighs didn't really look any different, but the skin on my thighs felt a lot softer after a week or so.  Slowly but surely, over the next two weeks I started to notice a smoother appearance.  Considering I was initially doubtful of its unevenness, (which is probably why the change seemed gradual) it definitely made a difference.  My thighs started to look tighter and more fit.  I am an avid gym goer and will notice changes in my body after using weights or doing certain workouts, but I hadn't given my thighs/buns any more or less attention then I had prior to starting with the crème. That being said, I must attribute the change to Firm Me Up .  I think what sets this crème apart from many others is that it seems to be the only one that doesn't insist you need to exercise along with it to see results.  The ingredients are strong enough to stand on their own.   
The crème is pricey at $89.00 for a 5 oz tube but what you have to consider is that you can expect results.  Summer is around the corner and if exercising, diets or other crazy crèmes haven't kicked whatever cellulite you have, you may want to consider Firm Me Up 

Firm Me Up is available at: Doyles RX Pharmacy, Beverly Hills Hair Design, Mickey Fine Pharmacy located in Beverly Hills, Naimie's Beauty Center in Valley Village located in North Hollywood, California, Solidago Skin Care Salon in West Los Angeles, and online at
 About UP, Inc.: UP Beauty is Solution-Based Skincare, addressing the most difficult to solve skin and body concerns.  Firm Me Up Anti-Cellulite Crème, its signature clinically proven product, was developed by a team of pharmaceutical chemists and launched in August, 2013.  Founded by Leslie Laxer, UP, Inc.'s transformative skincare formulas combine state-of-the art technology with effective, proven ingredients to help consumers discover the UPside of advanced beauty science.  Visit:

Have you heard of Firm Me Up?  Do you think you will consider trying it for this summer? 


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