Saturday, February 22, 2014

New Launch from Miss Jessie's

The latest launch from Miss Jessie's , includes three brand new stylers designed to cater even more specifically to various types of curly hair. 

Retail: $22.00
What it is: A treatment and styling hybrid specifically designed to address the unique needs of transitioning hair, simultaneously taming two very different hair textures without sacrificing style. This innovative styler helps women side-step the “Big Chop” with one easy-to-use product that bridges the gap that growing out relaxed hair creates. Offering superb hold and shine, Transitioner’s Magic is not only a prescriptive treatment for transitioning hair, but a coveted styler that transforms limp, unkempt locks into a flawless, cohesive mane from root to tip.
How to use: Apply to damp transitioning hair, air dry or diffuse as needed for a wash and go styling option.

Multicultural Curls
Retail: $16.00
What it is: A lightweight styler exclusively formulated for multicultural hair that enhances and celebrates natural locks. Too straight to be curly, and too curly to be straight – this product addresses hair that falls in the middle of the spectrum. This supremely light blend highlights whatever gorgeous texture you’re already working with and reigns in the frizz – whether the elements are the cause or the gene pool is to blame. Bouncy, shiny hair is achievable by way of a formulation that never hardens or leaves residue, but instead makes hair touchably soft and manageable.
How to use: Apply to damp hair, air dry or diffuse dry as needed for a wash and go styling option.
Coily Custard 
 Retail: $14.00
What it is: A breakthrough transformative styler for women with extremely tight curls that does a 180 on bland, frizzy hair and locks in moisture with unparalleled curl definition and staying power. Coily Custard is a rich hydrator with a protective layer that prevents curl shrinkage and whips dry locks into defined, luscious submission for the seriously curly-headed woman who wants effortlessly smooth and defined ringlets without spending hours twisting them into shape.
How to use: Apply product to damp curly hair, air dry or diffuse dry as needed for a wash and go styling option.

The Coily Custard is one I'd love to try.  Is there one you think you're interested in? 


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  1. I definitely want to try the Coily Custard. I have tight curls/ lots of shrinkage in the back of my head. But I am still able to wet and wear with Ecostyler Olive Oil gel. It doesn't keep the back as stretched as I'd like it (so I twist it sometimes, but generally too lazy to). When I try Coily Custard, I hope it will be worth the $$!

    1. I bought the Coily Custard this week and I love the way it makes my hair look. It's a clear gel, that kind of reminds me of their Jelly Soft Curls & Pillow Soft Curls when it comes to the smell (fabric softener scent). The product is really loose in consistency but still kind of gooey. The best thing I can compare it to is Shea Moisture's curling souffle without the sticky residue. It doesn't really stop shrinkage, but it does make your curls pop


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