Saturday, December 14, 2013

Missing those Holiday Scents?

Many special moments in life are associated with a familiar scent, and that's something I love about the holidays.  Wintertime brings us a rush of scents like warm vanilla, spicy cinnamon, and the crisp, sharpness of a freshly cut Christmas pine.. <sigh>

But sometimes one can't always indulge in these festive delights.  Living within a thriving metropolis made of cement doesn't leave much room for mother nature to flourish.  Enviroscent creates fun alternatives for adding a little holiday cheer to your city apartment, or to those who just want to punch up the fading scent of their delicious country pine. Clever products like ScentSicles (Scented Ornaments) come in different scents: White Winter Fir, Christmas Tree Spruce, It's a Wonderful Spice, Snow Berry Wreath, and Two Dashes of cinnamon. 

Retail: $8.95
 Snow Berry Wreath is a soft blend of Christmas berries and a refreshing, woodsy pine... Mmm yum! I love these because they're really easy and simple to use and let you get really creative.  Each tube contains six, slim scented ornaments that you can hang virtually anywhere.  You can hang them on your tree to amp up its natural scent, place them on a wreath, or even slip them in a table top arrangement.  The nice thing about them is that they're slim, and conveniently a dark green color which makes them easy to hide so they won't take away from any décor.   
 They're ideal because their aroma is soft and subtle, very natural smelling.  It doesn't over power you and fills the room nicely.  They're a terrific touch for the ambiance at a holiday party, or for setting the mood when you want to feel in the holiday spirit :) 
The sticks are biodegradable and infused with pure, authentic smelling fragrance that lasts for 30 days.  Each tube also includes hooks for hanging. 

ScentSicles are available seasonally at:

Wal-Mart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lowes, Michaels, Cracker Barrel, Hallmark, select Home Depot stores nationwide and several other fine retailers.

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