Monday, May 27, 2013

Review: New Aubrey Organics

I recently had the pleasure of attending the launch of both some brand new and some improved products from Aubrey Organics.  This incredible line was the first truly natural skincare company of its kind and has developed an extensive new collection of 100% natural skincare products.  The line caters to the needs of all skin types and does it at an affordable cost.  

This line so unique because each product is hand made by its workers- not machines- as orders come in, and then shipped out to consumers.  Consumers receive fresh products that contain no petro chemicals, no harmful additives and are NOT tested on animals.  Aubrey Organics believes in the power of nature elements and our strong connection to them.  "...Through... everything we create, we proudly stay true to these ideals.  What we make and how we make it is all about caring for people, respecting the land and it inhabitants, and preserving nature for future generations"- Curt Valva, Aubrey President & CEO.  

Two of my favorites products were from the brand new Everyday Basics  Collection:  

Everyday Basics Cleansing Gel
Retail: $8.95

I loved this cleanser because its gel formula was so light and lathered so well.  One pump was all I needed to wash my entire face and even down my neck.  Made with eucalyptus, camphor and organic menthol oils, it had a soothing mint aroma that left my skin with a cool, refreshed feeling.  I was pleased to see it removed all my make up; including my eye make up without burning and leaving dark mascara rings underneath.  My skin always felt clean after use and I never experienced any irritation.  This is a great cleanser for budget conscious beauties because I felt it worked just as well as many of the high end, pricey cleansers I've tried in the past.  The clean feeling lasted throughout the day and made me feel as if it continued working. 

Everyday Basics Daily Skin Moisturizer
Retal: $9.95

As directed, I followed with the Everyday Basics Daily Skin Moisturizer.  Made with with hazel to normalize skin tone and aloe vera to hydrate and soothe, this was totally made for me.  It was a unique experience for me as I can't recall using many moisturizers with its light, whipped texture, but I immediately liked it.  It instantly absorbed into my skin and disappeared quickly.  There was no sheen or greasy after effect that some moisturizers leave behind.  I noticed an increase in hydration and reduction in dryness around my nose (which has proved to be a sensitive area).    

Sparkling Glacier Complexion Mist with Fragonia
Retail: $7.98

Lastly, I fell in love with the Sparkling Mineral Water Complexion Mist with Fragonia .  This is a total MUST HAVE for your purse this summer.  It contains sparkling mineral water for mineral rich hydration, and glacier water liposome for clinically prove eight hour hydration.  I can't get enough of its  crisp, soothing scent and how it give me that instant pick me up in the middle of the day.  Just a few quick spritzes and it wakes you up with a cool, freshness on your skin, and soothing scent to set you back at ease.  It will be great come summer when you're waiting on those killer long lines at the amusement park, or when you're out dancing all night with the girls and need to revive your skin.  It keeps skin glowing and hydrated, and works for all skin types.  

Do you prefer all natural products?  Have you tried Aubrey Organics?  


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  1. I've heard so much about Aubrey Organics but never tried it-all these products above look amazing! xoxo

    1. They are! I def reccommend trying them out. Thanks fo stopping by :) xo


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