Saturday, May 18, 2013

Kmart's Money Can't Buy Style Remix Challenge

I was so excited to attend Kmart's Money Can't Buy Style Remix Challenge featuring celebrity stylist and fashion extraordinaire George Kotsiopoulos.  Our challenge was to choose a Jaclyn Smith Utility Shirt in either teal, pink, denim or unique print, and then style a trendy outfit around it.  I totally fell for the denim blue shade and paired it with a bright pink blazer by Sophia Vergara, and a classic black skirt by Attention.  The utility shirt is a must have piece for this spring and upcoming summer.  It's light and airy for that casual, breezy look, but can also be easily be dressed up with a bright colored blazer or some fab accessories.

Check out the look I created while playing stylist for the evening and posing for my mini celeb style photo shoot with fashion photographer Chris Heads! 

George Kotsiopoulos shared with us some of his top pick looks for the season and must have pieces!

Be sure to check out  Kmart Fashion and vote for your favorite remix look!  You can find all of these brands and more fabulous pieces like the above chic purses at Kmart this season.  

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