Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Review: Alba Botanica Good & Clean Skincare Collection

With spring already here and summer nipping at our heels, I know we're all in the midst of revamping our skincare routines.  One I highly recommend checking out is Alba Botanica's brand new Good & Clean Skincare Collection.  This totally affordable line is powered by Fruit Acid Detox Fusion comprised of 10 alpha hydroxy-rich botanicals including grapefruit, apple, orange, lemon, grape, blackberry, sugar cane, strawberry, sugar maple and billberry.  These elements combined loosen and dissolve dead surface cells and release deep set toxins that can cause dullness, black heads and blemishes.
The collection includes: Toxin Release Scrub, Gentle Acne Wash, Dual Textured Exfoliating Towelettes, Pure Purifying Mini Peel, and Daily Detox Foaming Cleanser  and each contains at least 95% natural ingredients, are hypo allergenic and dermatologist tested.
Retail: $9.00
To start off, each and every one of these products smell DELICIOUS.  Since I'm not currently experiencing any breakouts, I began working with the Daily Detox Cleanser and liked it right off the bat. The combination of green tea and rice provides for pore purifying detoxification, not to mention an incredibly yummy scent!   The lightweight formula had a foam like, liquidy texture that lathered right up.  It removed all my makeup without any trouble and my skin felt so soft and soothed after.  I've been using it over a week and haven't experienced any irritation or breakouts.  Its is perfect for summer because its light, gentle and leaves my skin glowing.

Retail: $9.00
I have become very dedicated to various masks and peels over the past several months, and have decided this is one of my favorites.  The Pore Purifying Mini Peel is an oil free gel that works to eliminate dull surface cells, dissolve stubborn pollutants and release imbedded toxins.  I really loved it for many reasons.  I spread a moderate amount all over my face, and left it on for the full five minutes.  Even though it had a gel texture it wasn't sticky, it didn't weight heavy on my skin, and it never made my face feel tight or stiff.  An added bonus is its ability to act fast!  Its recommended usage is to leave on for a simple 1-5 minutes which means you can almost always have time for it.  
When I rinsed it off,  my skin felt refreshed and clean.  My skin has developed a healthy brightness and I have noticed a slight decrease in the size of my pores.   
Available this month at Target, Wal-Mart, Whole Foods Market and various drug stores.  With every item for $9.00 or less, how could you go wrong?  
Have you switched up your skincare routine yet?  Do you think you will try Alba Botanica's Good & Clean Skincare Collection?


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  1. I love the Mini Peel. I feel it is working because I don't have as much break outs. So it does dextoxify the skin. :) I love that it is so affordable too!

  2. def! That one is one of my favs. Thanks for stopping by :)xo


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