Saturday, November 12, 2016

The New Shopping App from Seezona that Every Fashionista Needs

Last month, Seezona founders Ana Krndija & Anna-Carina Helander, creators of the empowering "#Check Yourself Ma'am" campaign, hosted an after work soirée at the new Dominique Bistro in NYC.  The event provided an up close look at the brand's innovative online shopping app and showed off why it's every fashionista's new  best friend. 
The app is pretty cool.  It uses the impressive StyleWhile technology which helps you more accurately envision yourself wearing the items you want to purchase.  You start by selecting the pieces that interest you, and then use them to dress your virtual model.   You can adjust the model's size/face to better reflect your own appearance and determine whether or not the items are right for you. 
As if that's not perfect enough, the site also uses picture recognition software that lets you find and compare similar styles/ items from different brands.  For example, if you were crushing hard on those red silk pants from Gucci but your bank account isn't having it, a few more clicks and the app can score you a more affordable look alike pair from another brand.  The app will be especially useful with the holidays around the corner.
After the live app demos, guests dined on Dominique Bistro's delicious wine and  appetizers for the rest of the evening.  If you're ever in the West Village on Christopher Street, do yourself a favor and stop in.
Also important is that for every website registration received, Seezona makes a donation to Breast Cancer Research and gives you exclusive access to their bloggers’ stories about cancer.  It coincides with their popular "#Check Yourself Ma'am" campaign and is a great opportunity to give back!  Go ahead and register here   



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