Monday, April 27, 2015

Springtime Refreshments: Belvoir Fruit Farms Lemonades

With the change in season, I'm always excited to try tasty new drinks that I can kick back and cool off with during the warmer months.   
I had the chance to sample a few flavors of Belvoir Lemonades from Belvoir Fruit Farms.  Made in the UK, each bottle packs a punch of flavor and contains a special ingredient; hand picked, fresh Elderflower.  All flavors are 100% Organic, Gluten Free, Non GMO, no added sugar and dairy free, making them ideal alternatives to soda.  Each is made from a blend of fresh flowers, real pressed fruit juice, freshly cooked spices, and sparkling Belvoir spring water. 
The most innovative part of these is that they offer fun options.  If drank chilled and on their own, they're refreshing sparkling waters.  Or, take advantage of their recommended drink recipes and use them as mix to create a yummy cocktail.  They're great to have on hand for summer parties and barbecues.   
I tried the Ginger Beer first and boy did this wake me up!  Made with Ginger root, Organic lemon juice and sparkling spring water, this one packed a wallop.  The ginger was very evident and my taste buds definitely felt a fiery snap.  The ginger was as evident in the scent as it was in the taste.  If you are not a fan of ginger it may be a bit strong for you, but if you love it, this liquid version will have your mouth watering.    
The Organic Elderflower Lemonade was my favorite.  I tasted the lemon, but it wasn't as sour as I expected.  Instead it was on the sweeter side and had a fresh, flowery scent.  It contained fresh picked Elderflowers, organic lemon juice, and Belvoir sparkling water.  It's a fun twist on traditional lemonade and each sip gave my tongue a little tingle. I can't wait to try it as a mix in the Elderflower Mojito!  

The Elderflower and Rose Lemonade was similar to the Organic Elderflower Lemonade, but had a subtle fruity/champagne- like aftertaste.  It's ingredients included Elderflowers, lemon juice, Belvoir sparkling water and a hint of Rose petal extract, which I presume provided the aftertaste.  For a moment it reminded me of the classic strawberries and champagne combination. When I flipped over the drink recipe card, I was not surprised to see it was recommended for mixing with champagne, peach juice, and peach puree to create the delicious sounding Elderflower & Rose Bellini. 
Belvoir Lemonades are also a celeb favorite by those stopping by Caravan Stylist Studio in Manhattan for their glam sessions! 
Belvoir drinks are available here
Have you ever tried Belvoir? 


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