Sunday, April 26, 2015

Beauty Box 5: April Reveal

Hello darlings, I'm about to share with you this month's BeautyBox5 reveal!  For those of you that don't know, BeautyBox5 is a monthly subscription that selects five beauty industry favorites and sends them straight to your door.  There are various subscription options to chose from, but my lucky self receives a complimentary box each month in exchange for my thoughts :)
Each box is centered around a theme and this month's was appropriately titled "bloom".
"Sure, April showers bring May flowers- but why should those petals have all the fun?  Break out of your winter dry spell early with a blossoming attitude and flourish all month long!  Whether it's scheduling a much- needed mani date with a bestie, helping someone less fortunate than yourself or just committing to washing off your make up every single night, baby steps towards blooming into a better you are always beautiful"- BB5.
I have to say that this month was definitely one of the better boxes.  Everything in it is something I will use at one point or another and I was excited to see there some new brands to try out.  
Let's check out April's goodies...
Retail: $8.99
This was my favorite the second I saw it.  I get easily so I love changing my nail color as a way to switch up my look.  Appliques are soo easy and even faster then polish.  I love that these are pink and black lace- one of my favorite color combos.. BB5, it's like you knew ;) 

Retail: $20.00 5 oz.
These samples will be good come this summer when people start traveling and going on vacation.  They're easy to pack and this cleanser is great for everyday uses like make up removal and surface oils.  They're advertised as safe for sensitive skin and are free of parabans.
Retail: $4.99 .15oz
I'll admit my Carmex addiction is still pretty real, but it's always good to have extra balms on hand.  Plus, Lasting Smiles is a special brand because not only does it contain organic ingredients, but it supports fairtrade global farmers and helps fund cleft surgeries for children.

Retail: $17.99 8 oz.
The name here is super cute.  Made with goat's milk, coconut oil, lavender, eucalyptus and rosemary, Hula Bliss soothes dry skin and treats it with massive hydration.  The scent is so relaxing, and a small amount goes a long way.

 Style Essentials TwinGloss
Retail: $2.50 .03 oz.
I thought I was crazy the first couple times I glanced at the Twin Gloss.  The scent is extremely sweet, almost like swiping a layer of frosting to your lips.  But the bubble gum pink and grape purple shades apply much more sheer then I expected, with a gold shimmer.    
Do you receive any monthly beauty boxes?  Are you interested in BeautyBox5?

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