Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Review: YouthH2O Breakthrough Product of the Year

We all need a good energy boost once in a while, and for some of us (like myself) it's a daily necessity.  I suffer from low iron and aside from taking supplements and trying to eat more iron containing foods, YouthH2O, considered The Breakthrough Product of the Year, certainly proved to be a good choice product to add to my regime. 
Youth H20 is labeled an "Age Defying System" but has so many benefits that go beyond healthier, younger looking skin.  With an impressive list of ingredients including purple corn, organic maca and organic camu camu, it is formulated to:
*Provide caffeine free energy
*Vibrant Skin
*Weight Loss
*Immunity Support
*Daily Superfood Nutrition

My Experience: The 5 Day Supply
The kit contained five individual  2oz bottles, with directions to drink one bottle a day for five consecutive days.  I got into the routine of drinking them around the same time morning before work.  The taste is not the best but the package suggests drinking them chilled, which ended up helping. Its appearance reminded me a little of prune juice, possessing the same dark color and consistency.    
After my first serving, my body experienced a sudden surge of energy and I felt a bit anxious.  It didn't happen a second time, rather I started feeling a consistent sense of alertness, which came rather quickly after drinking it.  I am not sure how long the feeling is supposed to last or if it starts to work in conjunction with your body over time, but for a large portion of the morning I felt a sharper focus on things.  I started to wonder if I should have drank them in the afternoon.  Usually I get very sluggish come late afternoon and these would have given me that second wind.  They kept me energized through the morning, but it seemed to wane as the day wore on. 
I didn't experience anything along the lines of weight loss or change in my skin, but I think that is because five days isn't really enough time to test that.  Overall I am very satisfied with this product and actually plan to try the month long supply next.  If nothing else, it definitely had a positive effect on my energy levels.  Its contents are organic, gluten free, vegan, clinically tested, sugar free and nothing short of healthy.  It is interesting to see if this could make a difference for someone in my current position.  Stay tuned for the review on the month long supply.   
Celeb Event!
Come September 24th, 2013 meet youth celebrity brand ambassador Evelyn Lozada, an avid supporter and believer in the success of youthH2O.
Where: Duanereade at 52 14th Street & Union Square New York, New York
When: 4-6pm 
Click here to learn about Evelyn's experience!
Available at: Duanereade
Follow youthH20 with:
Disclaimer: The above information is based off of my personal experience.  I am not a physician and am in no way am suggesting this a supplement for anyone with a medical condition.

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