Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Review: Jessica Simpson Leve from

I was so happy with my latest purchase from that I thought it would be a shame to keep it to myself.  I went out shopping for a pair of basic black flats.  All I wanted was something simple and comfy that I could wear through the streets of NYC.  Is that asking too much?  Apparently so.  Every pair I tried on was either sorely uncomfortable, didn't come in my size (10) or simply ugly and not worth their asking price.  So what was a girl to do?  This girl had no choice. She took to the internet.  To be honest I am always hesitant when ordering online, shoes especially because of the fear they won't fit and I'll end up having to pay extra shipping to send them back.  But I stumbled upon a few months back and tested the waters with a pair of Nike running shoes and had success.  So I headed back over to try my hand with the flats! is a really awesome website that has everything from shoes, to clothes to beauty and accessories.  It covers items and sizes that range from men, women and kids.  The site is super easy to navigate and has reliable reviews for every product, with video ads for some.  I love Zappos!  I also want to mention that they have simply impeccable customer service.  There was a mix up with a gift card that I had tried to purchase on line, which ended up getting accidentally canceled.  Not only did they kindly refund me the money, but they gave me an additional $15 coupon to use on my next purchase for my inconvenience!  Best of all, they were easy to talk to and very helpful.  As if this wasn't enough to interest you, each item ships for free-- even if you decide it doesn't fit and want to return it.  They give you up to a year to make the return (as long as there's no wear and tare!) and make the process quick and painless with a pre paid label :)
Now, for my thoughts on the most comfortable pair of flats I've ever owned.  Jessica Simpson is certainly known for her songstress chops, but fashion is where this girl excels (in my opinion).  I selected the Jessica Simpson Leve in black.  These are my first official pair of Jessica Simpson shoes and I will state they are a fabulous quality, ultra trendy and amazingly comfortable.  This may sound cheesy but each step was like walking on a pillow top bed.  They certainly provide the most cushion and support I've ever experienced in a flat shoe. 
Their shape has a charming resemblance to a ballerina's pointe shoe right down to the sweet bow, which adds a gentle edge to your look.  While I bought them for convenience purposes, I totally plan to pair them with some fiercely reconstructed jeans, and have already worn them with a chic skirt and flowy top to the office.  They run pretty true to size and while I probably could have stood to go up 1/2 a size, they weren't available :/  So I will admit it took a few wears to break them in, (but then again so have all my flats). 
Also very appealing was their arrival in a chic silver box with JS signature, and delicately wrapped in silver tissue paper.  They retailed on the site for $49.95, but with my coupon I got them for $34.95 :D
So to recap, I feel it necessary to emphasize my fabulous experience with and encourage you to try them.  If you're nervous like I was, just be sure to note the product's reviews and start with an easy item to wade the waters.  Hope this provides a helpful alternative when shopping online :) 
Do you typically shop for shoes online?  Have you ever shopped at Zappos?  Are you interested in it?  If you follow through, please share your experience, I'd love to hear it!

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