Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Review: Merlot Skincare Purifying Peel-Off Mask and Body Firming Lotion

You may recall a past post on Merlot Skincare , and now I've had the pleasure of working with some more complimentary samples from PR.  I've been using Merlot's Body Firming Lotion and Purifying Peel-Off Mask for a little over a month now and really love the results.
Retail: $15.00
The Purifying Peel-Off Mask has become a staple in my routine.  It works to cleanse skin, eliminate blackheads and impurities, as well as minimize pores- all of which my skin desperately needs help with.  This mask is a god sent.  Like all Merlot products, its made from natural grape seed and contains powerful antioxidants from the fruit in the vine. 
Of all the masks I've tried in the past, I think this is my favorite.  You apply a thin layer to cleansed skin, let sit for about 10-15 minutes, and then peel it off.  I'll admit I was slightly skeptical at it's "peel off" removal, but it turned out to be breeze.    
After application, I felt it begin to tighten as it dried.  Once the 10-15 minutes were up, I began to slowly peel it off, starting at my chin.  For the most part it peeled off easily in large chunks (kind of like a snake shedding it's skin if you will).  I found that simply rinsing my face with warm water and gently patting it with a towel removed any stray pieces that were left behind. 
Afterward, my skin felt soo soft and rejuvenated.  It looked healthier and refreshed, and I noticed a decrease in blackheads around my nose.  My skin is on the dry side and it's recommended use of twice a week is gentle and effective.  It is the perfect fix to help revitalize tired skin.      
Retail: $10.00
Next was the Body Firming
Lotion which I also liked.  Made with natural grape seed polyphenols it works to improve elasticity, firm, tone, and hydrate skin.  I applied it to my thighs, upper arms, across my stomach, and while I can't say I saw much firming, I definitely felt in increase in hydration.  Directions say to apply it twice daily but I will admit I missed a few applications.  Overall I like this lotion because it absorbs quickly into skin and hydrates very well. 
Both products are great to get yourself summer ready and you can check them out at . What do you think?  Are you intrigued by  the peel off mask??

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