Monday, April 15, 2013

Goody Kicks it up a Notch

Goody has totally turned it out this season with some totally hot new must- haves! 
Goody recently expanded it's dynamite "QuickStyle" Collection including the new Half-Round Styling Brush.  I still use the original Quickstyle paddle brush from last year, but this one is even better.  The styling brush is perfect for those who want that speedy blow out.  It contains the same absorbing micro fibers that act like a towel and removes up to 30% of the excess water from your hair.  The convex shape helps to add volume and body to your locks, and dries it in super fast time.  
Retail: $11.99
Goody's TangleFix is a gadget every mama needs.  Made with soft, flexible bristles that move with the direction of your hair, it's perfect for brushing the tangles out on your little one, absolutely pain free.  I personally found it to be a little too gentle to get through my massively thick tresses, but I did find it useful in the shower and began using it to help distribute my conditioner more evenly. 
Target: $7.99
Goody has also expanded it's best selling Ouchless collections to include so hot new additions that don't disappoint.  The Ouchless Ribbons are some of my favs.  They come in a variety of colors that look cute at the end of any braid, or as a fun accessory on the wrist.  An ugly black elastic (my old go-to!) is less then boring and these are a fun way to spice up your look. 
Retail: $3.99
Also added to the collection is the Ouchless Velvet.  These chic new elastics/headbands add a luxe sophistication to any look. Infused with plush velvet fibers, they hug each hair strand and hold them in place.  I'm quite partial to the silky smooth texture and they fit comfortably while on. 
Retail: 12 Pack Elastics $2.99
5 Pack Headbands $3.99 
What do you think?  Will you give Goody's new items a try this season??


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  1. This products look great! Would like to try Tangle fix and Ouchless Ribbons! I love the name of their products!

    That Sassy Girl
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    1. yes! they're both pretty awesome.. thanks for stopping by!! xoxo


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