Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Love Your Locks this Winter

I picked up a 2.55 Fl oz sample of L'Oreal's  Serie Expert Vitamino Color Masque for $1.00 at a past Shecky's Girls Night Out event and finally got around to testing it.  This deep conditioner is designed to instantly transform drab hair in just a matter of minutes.  It works to add shine, revitalize color treated hair and help repair stressed and damaged strands. 
For just a fraction of a second, I almost wasn't concerned with the results.  Its scent was so yummy, that I figured if nothing else at least my hair would smell amazing! 
Putting aside it's irresistible, fruity scent, I did enjoy using this product.  It had a pink, gel like texture that absorbed into my hair exceptionally well.  I don't color my hair so I can't judge that aspect of it, but when I rinsed it out, my hair was definitely softer and easier to brush out.  It seemed it's results were best the first day or so after application, but then my hair needed another treatment.  I found it worked best as a prep tool for the night before, or night after I flat ironed my hair.  Prior to straightening, I applied the masque for an instant pick me up, adding shine and softness that showed up beautifully once my hair was straightened.  When I was ready nix the straight look, I did another treatment to repair any heat damage and give it a boost. 
My hair is rather coarse which is why I'm guessing the results didn't last as long for me as it might for those with less dry hair.  But all in all it's a decent product that I would recommend for these harsh winter months (especially for curly haired girls who prefer to wear their locks sleek and straight come winter :)   It's a healthy way to revitalize your locks and have them looking flawless for the holidays.
Retail: $28.99
Do you have a favorite hair treatment for the winter?


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  1. I love discovering new treats for my hair! thank you for sharing!

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  2. I love this, going to look outfit this next time I go shopping :D new follower here :D x


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