Saturday, December 29, 2012

L.A. Colors Nail Treatment SuperStrength Nail Builder

Hi my lovelies, I hope everyone had a
wonderful holiday feasting on lots of yummy ham and chocolates ;)  I wanted to post one more time before the new year about L.A. Colors Nail Treatment SuperStrength Nail Builder that I picked up for $1.00 at my local Deal$ store.   
This brand has a rather decent selection ranging from fashion polishes to different types of bases coats to the skinny brush polishes for creating nail art.  Since I was in need of a new base coat and I thought why not finally give this brand a try? (Particularly with it's added strength building benefits). 
Directions say to apply 1-2 coats every 2-3 days to help restore weak or thin nails and prevent chipping.  I will admit I bought this product more to providing a decent base coat for filling the cracks and unevenness before applying polish rather then to test it's strength building abilities.  But with that said, I was very happy with it as far as a base coat.  It went on evenly and wasn't thick or gooey.  The polish glided on smoothly after and left a nice, even finish.  When worn alone, it had a super glossy sheen and I noticed a slight decrease in chipping.   I don't believe it made my nails any stronger, but considering it was only $1, overall I was pleased.

My only complaint was that after just a few uses, its cap came detached from it's wand.  I have had this happen to me with other polishes, but usually after time when they get old and are hard to open, not when they are brand new.  Overall, I still plan to try more of the LA Color polishes, particularly the thinned brush colors for creating designs.  So stay tuned for their reviews! 

Have you tried this brand before?  Would you take a chance for a $1?


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