Sunday, September 23, 2012

Totally Fab, Inexpensive Emergency Buys.. Who Knew??

This is an impromptu post but is one that I really wanted to share.  On a whim, I stopped by my area's local Deal$ store to pick up a few emergency items.  I bought an .18oz bottle of Instant Nail Glue by California Nails for $1.00 and a package of Gillete's Simply Venus Triple Bladed disposable razors (a 4 pack) for $6.00. 

Now, paying that low of a price for something can sometimes set a precedent for low expectations but in this instance I honestly could not have been more impressed.  I had never tried California Nails before and the brand was completely new to me.  I had applied just a small drop to my broken nail and it bonded and dried in less then a minute.  But this is not the news I felt obligated to share.  Most surprising was the fact it stayed bonded for a week! It's longevity was amazing and the only reason it broke again was due to my own clumsiness on the treadmill!  (At that point my nail was a total goner, glue or no glue).  I found it to be very reliable and would definitely purchase it again, as well as try more California Nails products. 

Perhaps the best find was the Gillete razors!  I typically never use disposable ones but these ones were not only inexpensive, but had such cute packaging (I'm always a sucker for hot pink).  Each razor had 3 blades with a moisture strip along the top and ultimately gave me a really close shave without any nicks.  They had a hot pink, no slip grip handle with rotating head that easily followed the curvature of my legs.  I didn't have any red bumps after I was finished, and my legs felt smooth.  The astonishing part about the whole buy was that I managed to get an entire WEEK out of each razor.  The SAME amount of time that I get out of one Schick Quatro blade.  So for WAY less money, and equal (if not better results) it only took me about a hot second to decide I was going to switch from my usual razor and give myself the the Goddess treatment ;)

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