Sunday, September 30, 2012

Balenciaga in Paris Fashion Week with Hair by Guido of Redken

Balenciaga Spring/ Summer 2013 Paris Fashion Week  

Redken Creative Consultant Guido kicked off Spring 2013 Paris Fashion Week with the Balenciaga show, creating a flattering style that seemed simple, yet gave an immediate elegance to the look and added to the overall ethereal feel of the show. The look, created by pinning the two front sections back at the crown, perfectly complemented the gold headpieces each model wore, yet would also work just as well on it's own.

"The hair at Balenciaga is very natural, yet it's smooth, not frizzy. I didn't want to create big hair here today, but I still wanted it to feel very modern and rich. The style also fit with the metal hairpieces that Nicolas provided. They are really exquisite pieces, they were like twisted gold. We did a sort of rough, easy texture on the hair that offsets their beauty to a certain extent- they wouldn't go with super luxe hair."
-Guido, Redken Creative Consultant
Products Used:
Get the Look:
1.) Apply outshine 01 anti-frizz polishing milk to damp hair and roughly blow dry to create a smooth but very natural looking finish.
2.) Create a messy center part and add powder refresh 01 aerosol hair powder/dry shampoo all over for increased "natural" texture and a little grip.
3.) Take two side sections from the very front, pull them back to just below the crown and secure with pins. Use two pins but secured but insert so that it looks like just one pin.
4.) Finish with pure force 16 non-aerosol fixing spray just on the style. (Guido then attached the metal headpieces which were provided by Balenciaga to complete the look).

Photos by Redken

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