Sunday, December 8, 2019

Holiday Gift Ideas and Review: W7 Makeup

The holidays are right around the corner, but it's never too late to snag some awesome gifts for the beauty lover on your list this year!  W7 Makeup is a UK brand that recently become available in the US, and offers everything from killer eye shadow palettes and foundation, to lash curlers and make up bags.  They offer great quality at surprisingly affordable prices.  Scroll down to check them out!

 Retail: $12.95
The GOLDIBOX is a functional palette that is great for everyday use.  It has 12 shades, including shimmers and mattes, and range from "pinky nudes and nude coppers to brown, natural shades" as described by the company.  I've worn this palette just about everywhere including work, evening cocktails, and to run errands on a Sunday.  The wear time and quality are pretty good, and the colors make it easy to turn a natural day look and into a smoky going out look.      

Retail: $
Dusk Till Dawn contains 14 shades of "popping ultra violet tones", designed to "bring the essence of Aladdin's cave to your make up as described by the company.  This is a fun palette that will get you out of your comfort zone.  There are 7 mattes (top row), complimented by 7 shimmers (bottom row).  The pigment is really beautiful, and should be commended considering the low price point.  Each color pops, including the shimmers, and blend well together.  This packaging is a magnetic cardboard box, with a mirror, which is always handy. 

Retail: $9.95 "On the Cusp"

I am OBSESSED with W7's Starry Eyes Metallic Jelly Eye shadows , especially the shade "What's Your Sign?".  I get compliments ever time I wear it.  The color is a pinky/nude that gives a natural, fresh faced appearance, and looks pretty when coupled with the right nudes.  I apply two coats with a brush, although you could probably get away with one.  These have awesome staying power, and are easy to remove.  They're lightweight and don't flake off like, or have that papery feeling like other metallics.

Their Ready Set Glow Rose Gold Setting Spray is by far one of my favorite setting sprays out there.  I started using it over the summer and it did a great job of keeping my makeup from sweating off.  There's a few things I like about this one, aside from it's effectiveness.  It dispenses as a refreshing mist, so I feel like it hits my face evenly and gets me better coverage, then the ones that dispense more like a spray with sort of spotty coverage.  I also love that it has delicate gold  shimmers that add a subtle glow without becoming clumpy, or disturbing my make up.  Lastly, the scent.  OMG the scent!  It's so delicious.  I can't quite pin point it, but to me it smells like a combination of caramel, and sweet florals.  It's currently sold out on the company's website, so I recommend jumping on it once it's available!     

What do you think?  Are you interested in gifting any of the above items for the holidays?

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