Sunday, November 11, 2018

New Launch: CAILYN Cosmetics The Bulgarian Rose Make Up Primers

 CAILYN Cosmetics has recently launched two brand new make up primers; The Bulgarian Rose Water Make Up Primer and The Bulgarian Rose Oil Make Up Primer.


The Bulgarian Rose Water Make Up Primer is advertised as a "water- like serum with instant brightening effects, featuring Bulgarian Rose Oil and precious natural ingredients that add natural luminosity to the skin, and create a makeup ready complexion".

The rose oil is supposed to act as an emollient that moisturizes the skin.  It also contains vitamins A,C, & E to help reduce fine lines, as well as four unique fruit oils that are supposed to leave your skin feeling smooth instead of greasy.  The micro pearls are there to add a subtle glow.  

I enjoyed using both of these primers.  I applied the Rose Water primer in the morning time, before my foundation.  The mirco pearls offered a subtle, but dewy glow.  I saw it when wore it alone without foundation.  Once I applied my (full coverage) foundation, it was no longer noticeable.  I also liked the consistency, which was unlike other oils I own.  It felt lightweight on my skin, but on the thicker side during application.  I applied one drop below each eye, and it trickled slowly down my cheek, as opposed to others that are lose and runny.  Overall, it still absorbed quickly and smelled beautiful.  Sweet and fruity.   It performed well in terms of creating a smooth canvas and not breaking me out.  This is definitely one of my current favorites.

The Bulgarian Rose Oil Make Up Primer is advertised as a "dual functional oil based primer and serum".  It is a combination of natural ingredients including Bulgarian Rose and Sunflower Seed Oil to nourish and hydrate skin.  It is considered a makeup primer, but also a great over night treatment to replenish skin.     

I've been using this one for occasional nightly treatments.  I have combination skin so I have to trade off and use each one sparingly so I don't break out.  But so far, so good.  This one has a greenish tint to it, and more of a plant-like scent.  Its consistency is looser, and runnier then the water based primer, but seems to absorb just as quickly.  There are no micro pearls in this one.  It is supposed to enhance your skin's natural radiance.  This one is supposed to be good for anti-aging, and can also be used when applying makeup.          
If you're looking for a primer with hydration benefits, I'd definitely recommend giving either of these a shot.  The Rose Water primer is great if you have combination skin like me, and want to incorporate some hydration into your make up routine.  The Rose Oil works if you're on the dry side and want the option to use it day and/or night.   


 Both primers retail for $35.00 and you can shop them at



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