Saturday, June 16, 2018

Review: e.l.f. Recharging Magnetic Mask Kit

Retail: $24.00
Magnetic face masks have been popping up all over the internet, and I've been dying to try one.  If you haven't seen one in action, you should definitely check out the videos on YouTube.  They perform look like magic, and the reviews seem to be positive.

The ones circulating have been mostly high end, luxury brands that are out of my price range.  So when I was browsing through e.l.f. and saw they carried one for $24.00, I snatched it up. 

When asked, the store rep explained to me that this is different then a charcoal mask, which actually draws out dirt and impurities to help improve the skin's overall condition.  The purpose of e.l.f.'s mask is basically to brighten and soften the skin.
 e.l.f.'s Recharging Magnetic Mask Kit includes the mask, a dual sided magnetic tool, and 20 magnetic covers (to slip over the magnetic tool).  It contains antioxidants like Carrot Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Argan Oil, which help to revitalize and soften skin, as well as protect it from environmental stressors like dust and smoke.   

The mask is packaged in a hard plastic jar, and you're supposed to scoop it out using the handle of the magnetic tool.  I used this method on the lower half of my face, but finished off my nose and forehead with my finger.

The mask looks like charcoal with a citrus scent.  It has a fluffy, airy texture, which made for a new application experience.  It applied easily and distributed evenly, but felt different then a cream or gel.  The residue on my fingers wasn't wet or tacky, it felt almost dry and flaky.  Tip; apply sparingly.  Usually we're told to apply masks "generously", but not in this case.  It doesn't come with an overwhelming amount of product, and therefore I assumed a thin layer should suffice.    

I applied a light layer with my finger and left it on for the recommended 10 minutes.  At first, it felt cool but after a few minutes, I felt a slight burning sensation.  It was a little uncomfortable, but not intolerable. 

 When my timer beeped, I noticed the formula never hardened or got stiff.  The texture stayed the same.   I slipped one of the plastic covers over the magnetic tool, and held it about 1/4 inch from my skin.  As I ran it along my jawline, particles started coming off and collecting in the center of the wand.  It was pretty cool!  Below is the mask after I removed it:  

The mask left behind a slight residue.  The directions advised this is the hydrating oils, which you're supposed to massage into the skin (not rinse off with water).   To me, the residue felt sort of chalky, not oily or greasy.  Initially, I was worried it would sit on my skin and make it look dull, but it didn't.  After a minute or two my dry skin drank it right up.  By the end, my skin felt soft and smooth, and appeared less red.  I applied the mask before bed, but it could also be a good makeup prep.   Like a primer, it fills in the lines and creates a smooth canvas for you to work with.   

Overall, I liked how it made my skin feel, but I don't know if I will repurchase.  The directions advise using 1-2 times a week, and I feel like one jar will only last me about a month.  Plus, I think my skin craves a deeper cleanse.  Even though it softens skin, it is not designed to penetrate and remove blackheads or build up.  Instead, it lifts dirt on the surface of skin. 

If you're new to the world of magnetic skincare and want to test the waters, e.l.f. is a good starting point.  It's less intense then the high end masks.  This one gently preps skin for day to day activities, and gives it a swift reboot.  It's user friendly, super affordable and gets the job done.         

Have you tried any of the magnetic masks?  What did you think? 

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