Saturday, May 12, 2018

Angelo David Salon Hosts Launch Party for The Flex Brush

Dubbed The Ultimate Detangling Brush, The Flex Brush made its debut last week at a launch party hosted by The Angelo David Salon in New York City.  

Creators Angelo David Pisacreta and Jacob Guttman
Photos by Patrick McMullan

Created by world-renowned hair stylist Angelo David, and Jacob Guttman, the founder and CEO of Creative Pro Hair Tools, the Flex Brush is an especially unique brush. 

What makes it so special?  The Flex Brush is made of all natural rubber, and uses an innovative flex technology that allows the brush to comfortably follow the contours of your head.  In other words, it's like treating your scalp to a much needed, heavenly massage.  Scalp massages are great because they help stimulate the blood flow to the hair follicle and promote healthier, shiner hair.  

The flexibility of the brush allows for a gentler approach when attempting to brush through painful knots.  It's designed to work on any hair type, and can be used on both wet and dry hair.         

I'm tender headed and this brush really speaks to me.  My previous brush feels like a rock in comparison.  Its massage is so soothing, that sometimes I use it to help me relax and unwind while watching TV.  
I'm also loving the vents.  The vents make it convenient to use in the shower so I can brush through my conditioner, and not have to worry about ruining it.

You can shop the three variations of Flex Brush here
Retail: $20.00- $26.00
The Flex Brush XL Nylon Bristle
The Flex Brush Petite Mixed Bristle
The Flex Brush XL Mixed Bristle (below is my personal fave!)

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