Monday, March 19, 2018

Must Have Fragrances for Spring

New season, new launches!  Spring is finally here and it's time to revamp the collection.  Two of my favorite scents this season are the latest from Issey Miyake and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Retail: 89.00 (1.6 oz.) 
Available at Ulta
Issey Miyake recently released "Nectar de Parfum", the third scent in its "Pure" collection, just in time for Spring.  The "Pure" collection centers around the scent of water, and its evolution from "a drop", to a petal, to a full blossoming flower. 
"Nectar de Parfum" captures the moment the water droplet touches the blossoming flower petal, thus producing its nectar.  The nectar, considered the purest perfume, is the ultimate stage in the metamorphosis of water.  From sea to dew, and from dew to rose.
The packaging is stunning.  The bottle is in keeping with the these of the collection and is shaped like a water droplet.  It has a peachy, rose gold gradation, with a lovely gold topper and sleek black lettering down the front.

 This third scent is my favorite in the series.   Its notes include honey, pear, and sweet rose, rounded out by creamy sandalwood.  The first blast is sweet and refreshing, and then the sandalwood adds a warm, musky twist.  This scent screams luxury and class.  I've worn it for both day and evening events, and it wears well for at least a couple hours.  I predict it will be my go-to for special occasions throughout the season.

Retail: $125.00 (100 ml)
Available at Bloomingdales

Salvatore Ferragamo’s newest scent, "Amo Ferragamo", is described as one that "embodies modern femininity and a young free spirited- woman that is ready to seize the moment and leave her mark".  Amo, meaning "I Love" in Italian, is captured with notes of Italian bitters, Rosemary Rhubarb, and Vanilla. 

Salvatore Ferragamo always gets it right.  Everything from the packaging to the scent is just perfect.  The bottle is stylish and chic.  Its lower half has a lavender coloring, which meets a texturized, silver layer at the top, creating a crystallized effect. 

This fragrance is to die for.  I've become so addicted that I even spritz a little on before bed.  I love that the vanilla is quite prominent but not overpowering.  It's sweet with a powdery fresh die down.  This is ideal for those who love to feel girly and romantic.  It is a sensual, feminine scent that is great for everyday wear.          

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