Sunday, February 4, 2018

Selena X MAC Collection: Dreaming of You Dupes

If you’re a Selena fan like myself, then you probably went as cray cray as I did when MAC released its limited-edition Selena X MAC collection back in October of 2016.   Selena Quintanilla, the ahMAZingly talented and beautiful Tejano singer, was tragically killed back in 1995 but is still wildly popular to this day.

Selena was not only a successful singer, but a huge beauty and fashion icon.  She was often referred to as the Mexican Madonna because of her creative style.  She was known for her sparkly bustiers (which she made herself), and signature red lip (her rumored go-to was the now discontinued Chanel Brick). 

The collection was a collaboration between MAC and Selena’s sister Suzette, which resulted in a pretty well rounded line. It had everything including mascara, eye liner, applicator brushes, a blush/bronze duo, five eye shadows, three lipsticks, and a lip gloss, each one affectionately named after one of Selena’s hit songs. 

The line sold out FAST and was insanely difficult to get a hold of if you weren't camped out in front of the nearest MAC.  I didn't pre-order because I’m someone who needs to swatch it before I buy it.  

 I schlepped myself to three different MAC stores and each was completely sold out.  Fortunately, one of them still had the display samples and kindly brought them out so I could at least swatch them.

I mentioned my dilemma to a friend in LA who shockingly, was able to snag not one, but several products and ship them to me ( ukwur- Thank you!)   I got the lip gloss, pink eye shadow, and- the reason I'm writing this post- "Dreaming of You" lipstick.
"Dreaming of You" is a deep, red wine matte that goes on smoothly and has a light vanilla scent.  This has become my all time favorite lipstick, hands down.  I have never gotten as many compliments as I do when I wear this color. 

That being said, I realized I was going to need a replacement for when it runs out.  Since it's now extinct (much like Selena's Brick) I started watching for brands with similar shades and found four.  I decided to share them in case any of you have run into the same issue, or weren't able to buy it the first time around.  


This a slightly lighter, less intense version.  It's a bit sheer and has a subtle sheen, but the color is very close.

This has warmer undertones, but its payoff is more bold then it is vibrant.  Definitely a worthy alternate.


Chella pencils are amazing because the formula is lightweight and super pigmented.  This color is almost identical in a lighter formula that's easier to apply.  


 This one is the closest on every level.  It has the same smooth consistency, the color is on point, and the intensity is just as rich.  

 Do you own any of the Selena X MAC Collection?  What product is your favorite? 

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