Saturday, June 17, 2017

Millesima USA Hosts Exclusive Summer Wine Tasting

Millesima USA  recently held an exclusive wine tasting event hosted by it's very own GM, Hortense Bernard, at the chic Kola House in downtown Manhattan.

Bernard shared her top three picks for the upcoming summer: 

Alphonse Mellot: Edmond Sancerre:
Underneath its yellow robe with brilliant green highlights, Edmond 2012 delivers a majestic and rich nose. It releases aromas of licorice and fresh cut grass underlined by notes of honey, citrus and brioche. On the palate this Sancerre is flavorful and rich. The flavors touch on lime and vanilla. The finish is long and spiced with characteristics carved from limestone. After several long years in the cellar, Edmond 2012 will deliver delicate mineral, toasty and buttery notes.
The Edmond is smooth and creamy, with a bit of a punch.  The spiced taste is crisp and exhilarating.  An ideal choice for your annual summer kick off party.    
Chateau Peyrassol: 
This blend comes from the oldest grapes in the domaine. Their low yield produces full-bodied grapes which bear the hallmark qualities of the terroir. Its subtle nose of citrus, vine peach, apricot and fine floral notes is inviting. It has a beautiful, dense palate, delicate and lively, and is notable for its balance and full body, punctuated by a long, fruity finish.
The Chateau is gorgeous and I could drink this no matter the season.  The taste is addictive and satisfying.  It's fruity and sweet and works well for large gatherings like pool parties, or holiday celebrations like the upcoming Fourth of July.  It is available in the brand's popular large format bottle and makes serving at parties that much easier.  
Drappier: Brut Nature Rose, Champagne:
Made with 100% Pinot Noir grapes in the saignee method, which involves bleeding off the juice after a brief contact with the Pinot Noir skins. This 100% Brut Nature Rose is aromatically expressive with notes of strawberry and raspberry, with a hint of rose petal. The palate is red fruit driven with citrus notes, mandarin orange and a subtle savory note of white pepper.
The Champagne was of course, my favorite.  The fruit and rose petal mixture offers a lovely summer twist and added dimension.  The taste is fruity but not over done.  It's crisp and refreshing and leaves a lingering warmth.  It's perfect for a weekend getaway in the Hamptons, or an elegant summer garden party.
About Millesima USA:
Millesima S.A. is one of the five largest buyers of Bordeaux Futures. Considered the undisputed leader of online sales of fine wines in Europe, the company boasts an extensive selection of large format bottles. Millesima S.A. carefully maintains more than 2.5 million bottles of fine wine that age slowly in the company's cellars in Bordeaux, including more than 12,000 large format bottles. This strategy, in place since 1983, is one of the keys to Millesima’s success. The company has 100 to 250 en-primeur wines in every format and over 80,000 private clients.


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