Saturday, June 4, 2016

New Launch: NuSkin ageLOC Youth

Retail: $180.00 (30 day supply)
Prominent skincare brand NuSkin, recently introduced it's latest anti- aging supplement; ageLOC Youth, during an exciting event at the Institute of Culinary Education.  Guests learned about its unique blend of ingredients, and later enjoyed a special cooking experience.
ageLOC Youth contains ingredients not commonly found in everyday diets such as purple corn extract, alpha lipoic acid, vitamin D, d- limonene, CoQ10, and vitamin K2.  The supplement is advertised to increase energy levels, promote healthy eyes, brain, heart, skin, bones and joints.  It is available here
The evening started off with some refreshing glasses of sparking water, gazpacho shooters and delicious hors d'oeuvres.
  Next, guests headed over to experience the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner for a personal reading.

What is Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner?  I'm glad you asked!  It's a non invasive tool that measures your body's carotenoid levels in living tissue, which in turn gives an indication of your body's overall amount of antioxidants.  It's a great way for someone to determine what changes are needed in their diet and which supplements will be the most beneficial to them.  
Soon it was time to roll up our sleeves and take on the kitchen!  Guests were divided into three groups, and each created a different dish packed with healthy ingredients and antioxidants. 

Me whipping up dessert!
Specialty beverages
While dinner was in the oven, guests chose from pine apple, raspberry and mangos to create a customized specialty beverage.  We sipped our cocktails until was dinner finished and finally, it was time to feast!


Menu for the night

Overall the night was SO much fun!  The meal was absolutely delicious from start to finish, and I especially loved the salmon- yum!! Who knew we were such good cooks? ;) 

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