Saturday, March 19, 2016

bittersweet by Maria Shireen

Like most girls, I can't leave the house without a hair tie (or three) on my wrist. You never know when you might need it, and to be caught without one all kinds of annoying.  A bulky band, however, isn't exactly fashionable, nor the most comfortable.  So what's a girl to do?          
Founded by husband and wife Shireen and Arni Thor, Maria Shireen™  is a functional fashion accessories company that has unveiled a creative, stylish solution.  It's a unique bracelet designed to hold the elastic, while simultaneously alleviating the pressure around your wrist, and giving the appearance of a sophisticated and classy accessory.  Genius right?  How did they come up with such a clever idea? 
Shireen's husband took notice of the unsightly bands she was constantly wearing, and the painful welts they always left behind on her wrist.  The engineer began brainstorming and eventually gifted her a unique bracelet.  Shireen realized this could solve the same problem for girls everywhere, and the rest is history!   

The brand recently held a private press viewing at the Gansevoort Park Ave. Hotel, and I was lucky to get an up close look at the new collections.  Each collection is absolutely beautiful.  The cool thing about them is that they're fashionable enough to wear on their own as a bracelet, even without the elastic.  Meaning; say you want to actually use the elastic that's on your bracelet.  You don't have to worry about the bracelet looking odd or funny once you take off the elastic because the bracelet itself is trendy.   
The new, Signature 2016 collection  was without a doubt, the break out star the evening.  The collection contains one style, in three glittering colors; gold, silver and rose gold.  People could not stop drooling over the rose gold color, myself included.  The pictures don't do it justice, but I was so obsessed I gave it several tries :P      
Retail: $60.00
Retail: $45.00- $85.00
Retail: $45.00- $85.00
The Original bittersweet collection is less glam and more dressy/ chic and has a variety of styles.  Some of the bracelets have sleek, clean lines, while others have uneven, rustic looking edges.  Each style works well with even the most casual ensemble of jeans and sassy top.

Retail: $20.00
The brand's b+ sweet collection caters to teens, tweens and kids.  It's full of fun, flirty colors and its bracelets are made of plastic, rather then the heavier, more expensive metals.  Girls of all ages use hair ties, and the b+ sweet line lets youngsters take advantage of this convenient solution too.  The bracelets are sold in packs of three.   
I love these gadgets and I see them making a big splash!  Keep an eye out for them and snag your own at  

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