Saturday, February 20, 2016

Review: Envious Lashes Salon

Long, full lashes are by far, my favorite part of any look.  I'm so addicted that I spend more time applying mascara, then I do on any other element of my makeup routine.  So you're probably thinking I must have already experienced the magic of lash extensions, right?  Wrong.  But I recently got my chance when PR invited me to check out the luxurious Envious Lashes  on 5th Ave in NYC.      
Salon founder is celebrity lash expert, Clementina Richardson who has worked with iconic figures like Mary J. Blige, and Nichole Baharie.  During the consultation, she evaluated everything from my natural lashes to my eye shape.  The we chatted about my makeup style and how dramatic I usually go with my look.  Since I lean towards a more subtle, glowing effect and like to enhance what's already there, we finally decided on the "natural shape" lashes.
 The whole process took about an hour and a half.  Being it was my first time, I didn't know what to expect, and admit I was a little nervous.  I expected to feel some discomfort at some point, but as it turns out, the process is completely painless.  In fact, the only discomfort was the piece tape placed under my eye, which is what makes the natural lashes visible to the technician so they can work.  Each individual extension is placed directly on top of your natural lashes.  So neither the lashes or the adhesive, which is medical grade and FDA approved, go anywhere near the skin of your eye lid.    
While she worked, Clementina explained the complexities of choosing the right shape, curvature, and noting how important it is to choose the correct length and volume.  There are so many elements to consider.  For instance, selecting a length longer then your natural lashes can support could result in them falling out faster, and end up damaging your natural lashes.         
After "Natural Shape" style was applied
Photo by: Clementina Richardson
Once the process was finished, I was truly impressed.  The extensions were synthetic, and looked and felt just like real lashes.  The best part?  They eliminated the need for curling or mascara!  They've been a huge time saver while getting ready in the morning.   
Photo by: Clementina Richardson
The maintenance is simple.  Clementina gave me a brush and Protective Coating Sealer to be used (sparingly) 3-4 times a week from root to tip.  The sealant is designed to help protect them against daily environmental stressors and keep them in tact.  She advised not to over brush them so I only do it twice a day; morning and evening after I wash my face. 
 I've had them for almost 2 weeks now, and they're holding up well.  Clients are advised to come back 2-3 weeks after application for fills because they will eventually start to shed and fall out.  And let's face it, bald spots ain't cute.  I love that I don't feel them and that they're so easy to maintain.  If you're tired of drugstore falsies and want a more realistic look, I'd say this is an investment worth looking into.  It's awesome to wake up and have instant drama without any of the fuss.  If you crave luscious lashes, Envious Lashes will definitely deliver.
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