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Review: VASANTI Cosmetics

I was dying to play around with these puppies from VASANTI Cosmetics from the second they arrived in my mailbox.  Vasanti is a well known Canadian cosmetics and skincare line that has recently launched here in the U.S., and is one you should watch for.
The packaging alone was fun and enough to get me excited.  Paying homage to it's name, which means “of spring” in Sanskrit, vibrant pink and orange swirls create the image of a flower, against a sleek silver background.  It's not uncommon for people to be swayed and by fancy packaging, only to be disappointed when the product turns out to be a dud, but not in this case.  Vasanti's sexy look was only a prelude to what was inside! 

I love a glowing, more natural look and Vasanti's Charmed Life Blush Duo and Love Brights Gel Matte Lipstick are ideal for achieving it.

Retail: $29.00

L-R: bottom shade, top shade, blended
 The Blush Duo is advertised as soft, blendable, tone-on-tone designed to add a natural looking pop of colour.  It is enriched with Vasanti's unique Flower Power Complex ™ that contains Lotus, Orchid and Evening Primrose with anti-oxidant and hydrating properties to help nourish your skin.  They also boast using pigments and soft sheens, without the use of heavy shimmers or sparkles (insert massive applause here).
If I had to dream up a perfect blush, this would be it.  There's so much to like about it.  Charmed Life is described as a "glowing nude flush".  One shade is a pinkish/beige, the other a more golden/beige.  Both are pretty worn either on their own, or blended for a more striking look.  No matter how I wore them, they simply enhanced my natural look, and kept me from appearing overdone. 
They're so beautifully pigmented, that a few swipes went a long way, especially on my fair complexion.  I wore them over a BB cream and they blended beautifully.  The darker beige turned out to work for contouring too.  The formula is so lightweight that if it wasn't for glimpsing myself in the mirror here and there, I'd have forgotten I was wearing any.  It gave smooth, even coverage that was easily buildable.  Considering how light the formula felt, I expected it to wear off by the end of the day, but nope!  The colour was as evident and glorious as it was when I left my apartment at 8am.       
Check out all five shades here 

Retail: $19.00
   The concept of a gel matte lipstick intrigued me and I started crushing pretty hard on Puppy Love .  It's described as a "true baby pink", and advertised as:

  • Beautiful. Bold. Long Lasting. Comfortable. Matte.

  • 8 stunning shades developed to look beautiful on a wide range of skin tones.
  • Innovative formula with the perfect amount of moisture to keep lips comfortable while still offering long lasting color and a true matte appearance.

  • Unique bullet designed by Vasanti - sleek and functional, offering you beautiful, precise application.

  • Infused with luxury ingredients such as Cherry, Pomegranate and Evening Primrose oils. 

  • This lipstick advertised things that I'd normally be skeptical of, but I'm shocked to say it totally delivered.  The gellified oil complex created an ultra smooth, creamy texture that glided on surprisingly well.  It felt more like applying a soothing blam than a matte lipstick.  Unlike most matte lipsticks that dry my lips out almost instantly, this one maintained a silky feeling for a couple hours after application.  The formula is heavily pigmented and the color applies super vibrant.  By the end of the day, it had left behind a nice stain.  Even though the silkiness was gone, my lips seemed to be holding up well, whereas normally they would have been screaming for chap stick.  Something else I loved was the yummy, fruity fragrance, which I'm guessing is from the various oils.  It's certainly the first of its kind that I've experienced, and I can definitely see myself using it a lot in the future.   

    Check out the other shades here 

    What do you think?  Are you interested in trying VASANTI Cosmetics? 

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