Sunday, July 26, 2015

Summer Accessory: ONYX XOXO Signature Leather Ear Cuff

Summer is a great time to get playful with your look and one way I like to switch it up is with accessories.  This summer I've loved adding ONYX's Signature Leather Ear Cuff  because it's edgy and works with so many outfits.
Each one is a handmade, one-of -a- kind custom brass ear cuff with genuine leather, spike, and 14 karat chain designed to be worn on the right ear.  Needless to say, I was psyched to see PR considered my pink addiction and sent me one with gorgeous bright pink and white accents. 
Retail: $150.00
At first, it was a little intimidating trying to figure out how to put it on, but it only took me a few minutes (and if I can do it anyone can). 

Directions for wearing:  
 Align flattest part of the metal cuff behind top of right ear.  Twist counterclockwise around ear in one gradual downward motion.  Metal is adjustable to fit securely and comfortably

Wearing it was easy and comfortable, and the best thing about it-- no pierced ears needed!  Anyone can rock one of these.  I wish these had existed when I was younger before I had pierced ears, because I was always jealous of the girls with the long, dangly earrings. 
The soft leather straps add that pop of color and the chain and spike give it that funky flare.  It's perfect for your next rooftop happy hour, or for lounging in style on the beach!
The cuffs are also available in sterling silver and you can snag one here 
Check out more ONYX
What do you think?  Would you rock an ONYX ear cuff?

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