Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Collection: Perfume Portrait by Frédéric Malle

Frédéric Malle is launching a new collection of scents this month: Perfume Portrait by Frédéric Malle. Designed to serve as a collaborative effort with experts from artistic fields such as fashion, photography and film, this collection will translate the work of extraordinary individuals, with whom Frédéric admires, into original scents – the first being a fragrance collaboration with fashion designer Dries Van Noten.

Frédéric first embarked on this journey in 2010 and once the decision to work with Dries Van Noten was made, Frederic reached out to perfumer Bruno Jovanovic, of International Flavors & Fragrances Inc., to collaborate on this new project. Frédéric, Dries and Bruno worked together to capture the essence of Dries through materials and themes he often uses in his designs such as Indian embroidery, XVIIIth century engravings and graphic/colorful prints - which are all used to create an unexpected harmony.  Dries’ Flemish heritage was also incorporated into the fragrance through the softness of their cuisine, more specifically of their desserts.

Dries Van Noten par Frédéric Malle is a modern, oriental fragrance reminiscent of classic perfumes fused with the world of Dries Van Noten. The scent incorporates notes of sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli, musk, bergamot, and jasmine, giving it a timeless trait of the great perfumes.

"In 2010, ten years after founding Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle, I decided to start a new perfume collection, the purpose of which would be to translate the world of people and brands that I admire into scents: Perfume Portrait by Frédéric Malle.
Asking perfumers to work on the olfactory illustration of someone else’s world meant losing the closeness that Editions de Parfums had allowed us. The ease of communication between two perfume experts, and the fact that until now we did not have to be accountable to anyone, was to be replaced by a “ménage à trois”! From now on we would be nourished by the world and guided by the requirements of a creator foreign to our trade, but capable of enriching our creative process with their aesthetics, thoughts and ideas. It certainly made up for this breach in our intimacy.
I realized, during the 18 months that it took us to translate the world of Dries Van Noten into a single scent, how difficult it actually is to make a truly customized perfume. This is why I am convinced that the result of such a combination of talents and energies had to be shared with the public. That is the purpose of this new collection." -Frédéric Malle 

PRICE: 50ml Spray: $185; 100 ml Spray: $265
WHERE TO BUY: As Barneys New York was the first U.S. location to carry Frédéric Malle’s fragrances as well as the first to carry Dries Van Noten’s designs, it is fitting that that the fragrance is available exclusively at Barneys New York and 

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