Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hi beauties! I wanted to share with you a new site I've recently discovered and was invited to be an affiliate of.  After some research I learned is a fabulous website that has an enormous selection of trendy clothes, jewelry, deliciously luxe nail lacquers and bath products.  The styles range from vintage with a modern twist to fabulously chic and elegant.  Whether you're a jet setter heading off to Paris, a city gal dashing to an after work soiree, or a stay at home mom with an eye for fashion, there is a look for everyone and I have already found myself drooling over just about every one!  I can't help but wish my schedule would get busier so I would have enough places to wear them all!  The incredibly large selection offers styles for many shapes and even offers up- to-the- minute looks for the expecting mamas to be :)  Check out Dresses from Shabby Apple (my newest guilty pleasure) and see if you can't pick a favorite to try! 

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  1. I love the dress top left hand corner in your picture! WOW.
    Now if I could pull it off is another matter ;)


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