Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener

I’m so excited to share this review because Quimica Alemana nail hardener is one of those stand out products that have actually made a difference in my routine.  I’ve never been fortunate enough to have naturally nice nails.  They’re weak, they peel and they hardly grow.  It seems like no matter how faithful I am to those weekly manis, they never show much improvement.  Quimica Alemana was recommended to me by an associate in my local beauty store about four weeks ago and to put simply- IT WORKS.

I jumped right in and applied it as the base coat for my next mani.  Within 2 days I felt my nails getting stronger and 2 days after that I saw noticeable growth.  I started applying a fresh coat every 2-3 days, slowly cutting it down to every 5-6 days.  (Directions say to apply weekly but I can’t resist painting my nails often!).  It went on clear with an incredibly thick consistency, but dried quickly.  I followed each application with oil around my cuticles (I’m currently loving Elemis frangipani monoi Body Oil).  Since I began using it, I haven’t needed a single manicure and my nails have stopped breaking and peeling.  I have yet to go a day without wearing it so I cannot say for sure how my nails would hold up without it.

I’m pretty content with the shape my nails are in and plan to replenish it when it runs out.  I love this hardener and its effectiveness.  I will post an update on how my nails survive when I start wearing them bare.
Now… any suggestions for a successful top coat?? 


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