Monday, July 30, 2018

My First Keratin Treatment at Keratin Lounge by LASIO

About three weeks ago, I got my first ever, Keratin treatment at the LASIO Keratin Lounge   in NYC.  These hot, humid, months always are always a challenge for dealing with thick, curly hair, and word on the street has been keratin treatments are a great alternative. 

Keratin treatments have been around for a minute, but LASIO's technique is unique to their salon.  A LASIO certified stylist evaluates your hair and creates a specialized "Keratin cocktail" that caters specifically to your texture.  
My stylist suggested a treatment that would reduce 90% of my curl and all of my frizz.  It sounded a little drastic at first, but after further discussion, she pointed out that things like sweating and using the wrong products can make it fade out sooner.  The treatment is designed to last about four months (with proper maintenance), and fade out evenly from root to tip.  Which meant, I didn't have to worry about my roots growing out funny and making time for a touch up.  So, I figured, why not go all the way?   

My stylist washed my hair first with clarifying shampoo and then again with conditioner.  After blow drying out the moisture, thus began the keratin application.  She spritzed on the mixture from root to tip, eventually drying my hair again, and running over it with a flat iron.  The flat iron sealed in the formula, completing the process.  The advertised time is 90 minutes start to finish, and I was stunned to see I actually was done in 90 minutes.  

End result?  I love it and wish I had done it sooner.  Doing my hair is soo quick and easy now, and for the first two weeks, I walked out the door au natural.  No flat iron, no hair spray, nada.  I loved the subtle body and bounce.  It was such a refreshing change not to have to worry about what I was gonna do with my hair in the humidity.  My hair is the softest, silkiest and shiniest it's ever been.  

LASIO also recently released the Keratin Protector to help prolong the treatment's life span and increase performance by 40%.  It is great for summer because it protects against salt water and chlorine damage, but you can also use it as a daily leave in treatment.  I spritz it on every morning, especially before hitting the beach and then wash it out when I get home, and my hair is holding up nicely.  The price of the treatment varies from person to person.  Mine was complimentary, courtesy of the salon, and would have run around $400.


The Keratin application..

End result 

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