Sunday, April 3, 2016

Review: RAMY Spa

I recently got my brows done by celebrity brow master himself, Ramy Gafni.  His star studded roster includes names likes of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Ray Romano, Faith Hill and Barbra Walters (to name a few), so I was pretty ecstatic to be sitting in his chair.
   My brows are such a light shade of blond, that an unruly appearance isn't usually the problem.  I explained that my forever issue is getting them to stand out and properly frame my face.  Ramy got right to work with a set a tweezers and his brow brush.  
I'm not great with tweezer pain, and braced myself... but believe it or not, his method was very gentle and completely painless.  I mentioned that I typically opt for the threading and Ramy had a few wise words for me; "dread the thread!"  he laughed, along with "wax is for cars!".  Though tweezing might take a bit longer, he explained how it allows for better precision and can create a more customized shape.  
After about 20 or so minutes, he had skillfully taken my blah brows to runway status.  I absolutely loved the shape and immediately saw a beautiful arch (which I love).  But he didn't stop there.  Ramy topped the look off with the best matched brow coloring I've ever received.  I talked about the ailments of being a red head with light brows and failing miserably when attempting to find the right color to fill them with.  But this was perfection, and the best part was I could easily recreate it on my own.  We all know what it's like to leave the salon looking glamorous only to never again be able to redo the magic at home.

Retail: $28.00

After he applied the Ramy Miracle Brow! Pomade my brows instantly took on a whole new effect.  They were bold, but still natural looking.  Between the shape and color, it almost looked as if I had gotten a face lift. The compact has two shades, a light and dark brown that can be worn alone or mixed together.  The pomade is water proof, long lasting, and in my case, a small amount went a long way. 
I walked out looking and feeling as though I had a brand new look, and to see the transformation was pretty amazing.  Ramy is incredibly knowledgeable and his artistry can't be matched.  He puts you at ease and is as down to earth as they come.  Make sure to check out his line of cosmetics RAMY beauty therapy for every brow necessity you could ever need and more.  Whether you're looking to makeover your drab brows, or enhance what you have, I'd strongly suggest booking an appointment
Are you still searching for the perfect brow shape and color?  Are you interested in booking with Ramy?    

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